XML Products Export

Potřebujete exportovat všechny produkty do strukturovaného XML formátu?

Tak tento modul je přímo pro Vás.

Podporuje manuální vytvoření XML feedu i automatické generování například každý den pomocí CRONa

(Cron je softwarový démon, který v operačních systémech automatizovaně spouští v určitý čas nějaký příkaz resp. proces).

Na výběr také máte jaké údaje se mají exportovat a to včetně překladu například pro název/popis produktu.

  • Manuální export
  • Automatický / Pravidelný export pomocí CRONa
  • Možnost výběru dat, která se mají exportovat
  • Export možností/voleb produktu
  • Export atributů
  • Export obrázků
  • Export ceny/slevy (zvlášť)
  • VQMod
  • Instalace zabere max 1 minutu


  1. Vojtech Zahorsky 24.03.2020

    Dobry den, chci se zeptat, zda je mozne XML tagy editovat, abychom z feedu udelali Feed validni pro Zbozi, Heureku apod. Dekuji

  2. sevvvko 21.02.2020

    Please explain the logic of your script. We have make a XML with your demo:


    <NAME>HTC Touch HD</NAME>
    <MODEL>Product 1</MODEL>
    <CATEGORY>Phones &amp; PDAs</CATEGORY>

    Here is ok, first category(parent) is desktop and second one Phones and PDAs

    <NAME>HP LP3065</NAME>
    <MODEL>Product 21</MODEL>
    <CATEGORY>Laptops &amp; Notebooks</CATEGORY>

    Why here the first one is Laptops and Notebooks?

    DEAWid 21.02.2020

    because you have product only in Notebooks ... what is sub category of laptptops .. you need have all categoriy path assigned in each product.

  3. panaru2002 01.11.2019

    it work for 1.5 ?

    DEAWid 01.11.2019

    Yes, it works for opencart versions 1.5.x - 3.x
    (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Have a nice day.

  4. funkyfun 26.05.2019

    Hi. Can I create multi XML (with conjob) with different data range?

    DEAWid 26.05.2019

    Sure. https://image.opencart.com/cache/596fb09e98f4a-resize-500x500.jpg
    It's in admin create_xml.php file .. simple true/false

    Thanks for comment :)

  5. demodaltd 04.03.2019

    hello, I bought this extension, but I cannot Install. I don't know why? my opencart ver is

    DEAWid 04.03.2019

    If you need something, create ticket on https://www.deawid.com/support

  6. weedecs 15.02.2019

    hello, i bought the extension and setup is done. but .../download/export.xml is going to 404 page. what is the problem? i have tried with both names in vqmod. vqmod_profi_xml_export and vqmod_excel_export. both has the same result. waiting for your help.

    weedecs 15.02.2019

    i solved the problem. there was a rewrite rule in .htaccess file for download file to not-found page. when i deleted this row. problem has fixed. thanks. good extension.

  7. metinak85 16.01.2019

    great work thans

  8. KonstantinIvanov 17.07.2018

    Hello I will buy your module, but I have one question before that. I see in the main banner "Full or selected items to export". Is this meaning that I can export few products only or some all products from some category or what? Because in the demo x3 I don't see where I can pick which products I want to export.

    DEAWid 17.07.2018

    No, that feature means all items (checkboxes) of data ... like product naem, model, quantity etc... export all products .. can't select how much products want export ... Script export all products...


  9. DEAWid 28.06.2018

    Hi, you can edit tags in xml .. code is open ;)

  10. ddan 13.03.2018

    It is ok now, feed for Xml import pro is in /xml-export/export.xml

    DEAWid 13.03.2018


  11. ddan 13.03.2018

    Hi, how I can used this with xml import pro?

  12. SUSAN 26.02.2018

    How can I proof my ID? Im waiting for proof from a while, so what i have to do? Thank you in advance!

  13. caloianumarian 23.11.2017

    sorry .. I wrote import instead of export :)
    this script exports data from "Customer Group Price" script?

    DEAWid 23.11.2017

    I don't know that module.
    This module can export all special prices from customer groups.
    Please try demo.

  14. DEAWid 23.11.2017

    Hi, this is EXPORT module .. not import.

  15. wonderland 17.11.2017

    I have some question regarding the extension, could you please leave me your email?

    DEAWid 17.11.2017

    If you need something, create ticket on https://www.deawid.com/support

  16. pixeldives 24.10.2017

    Very good module.
    Excellent and fast support.

    Thank you DEAWid.

  17. grayfx 11.10.2017

    Thanx for that great extension and the fast and professional support!

  18. pixeldives 10.10.2017


    I would like to ask if the module is compatible with MIjoshop (Mijoshop 2.5.4 / Opencart

    Thank you

    DEAWid 10.10.2017

    Yes, it's compatible.

  19. funkyfun 24.08.2017

    Hi. I have this module a while, but now I'm trying to set CronJob as well.

    Can you please tell me, how can I set different language? When I run this link
    system generate me XML with English, But I need different language. How can I do this?

    Thank you...

    funkyfun 24.08.2017

    We figure it out - thank you anyway.

  20. freestone 07.08.2017

    Interested however the Demo is not working. I am interested in Import and Export and would also need some custom changes made so let me know if that is possible.

    DEAWid 07.08.2017

    Tell me what exactly doesn't works in demo..
    I try demo for both (1.5.x and 2.x) and works well... no problem.

    If you want import, look to my another module:

    My XML Import Pro is compatible with this export.. no problem at all.


  21. jesusaf 07.07.2017

    I bought its extension through opencart 2.site, but I installed but nothing appeared. Would you like to know if you can support me or am I wrong?

    DEAWid 07.07.2017

    Yes, I can help you, create ticket on https://www.deawid.com/support

  22. ercinayhan 07.04.2017

    This developer is the best and this module perfect working. He is solved my problem thank you deawid

  23. ercinayhan 07.04.2017

    Hi; I created the ticket: 1358

  24. angelikaolsza 07.02.2017

    DEAWid you are a rock!!!! Thank you so much for fast respond and free help with instalation!!!!! I can trully recomended!

  25. silvianikolova 07.12.2016

    I purchased the module and installed it. I needed a little help with the configuration but DEAWid helped me quickly.

    The module works perfectly! Thanks!

  26. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    Hi guys!
    Updated for latest OpenCart version

    Enjoy !

  27. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @Adenuga: Please create ticket on my support: http://www.deawid.com/support
    And write more information about your request. Thanks

  28. Adenuga 07.09.2016

    There seems to be a problem with categories as sub categories are treated as regular categories making it difficult to import them into another store, How can I get this solved? Thanks, hopefully to hear from you.

  29. Adenuga 07.09.2016

    Hello Deawid, I sent a message to you through comfort_micadenuga@yahoo.com. Please I need to hear from you. Thanks

  30. intelcom 07.09.2016

    Hello. We send a support request from http://www.deawid.com/contact.

    Please reply.


  31. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @omerulusoy: look to your email

  32. omerulusoy 07.09.2016


    Fatal error: Class 'Controllertoolxmlexport' not found in /home/bebego/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_modification_system_engine_action.php on line 62

    what is this problem ?

  33. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @Kris M:
    This module is export ... no import..

  34. MMKB 07.09.2016

    I would like to export and import only the product Quantity

    Quantity can only export ?

  35. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @ercinayhan: I already reply to you few minutes ago :) let me know

  36. ercinayhan 07.09.2016


    admin please reply my ticket# 908 my problem is not solved

  37. farakera 07.09.2016

    Promptly helped with the installation, excellent technical support, thank you.

  38. computomex 07.09.2016

    Im confused, when I go into your XML Product Export into your site, and I try to Export the products when I select them, I get a format thats all over the page, instead of being in a nice format. So my question is how Can I view a nicer format to know what Im looking for?

  39. zvi1975 07.09.2016

    Is there Russian language ?

  40. kkm-uk 07.09.2016

    I am use this app long time, very good app, fast support. Must have in every store!

  41. tede84 07.09.2016

    Hi i need some help.
    I get this error:

    "Permission Denied!
    You do not have permission to access this page, please refer to your system administrator."

  42. Ricov40 07.09.2016

    Perfect module, incase of an issue, u can sent in an ticket for support.
    i wil buy again from this maker

  43. mprakashm 07.09.2016

    I really love this XML madule... Can you please advice me when this module is support opencart latest version

    It is possible to Export products category wise? or Export only new products past 1 week like that

  44. abxshah 07.09.2016

    hi, Any module available based on custom product selection and generate an xml feed of selective products.

  45. Dps Trading Group 24.11.2015

    One more problem - using a different language (estonian). Everything works fine except when exporting categories i get an error "Entity 'Otilde' not defined".

  46. Dps Trading Group 24.11.2015


    I have dowloaded this extension and it works great. I was wondering if the description field can be shown using cdata?

  47. gaktan 07.09.2015

    Hii ı bougt this xml and ı use opencart 2.0,3,1 but ı dont sucssesful instal please help to me how install

  48. segaaa1 07.09.2015

    5+ extension and fast support!

  49. fyny 07.09.2015

    Thank you very much for your quick support and your email! Works perfectly now!

  50. fyny 07.09.2015

    After installation

    "You do not have permission to access this page, please contact your system administrator"

  51. MyCasestore 07.09.2015

    One more problem - using a different language (estonian). Everything works fine except when exporting categories i get an error "Entity 'Otilde' not defined".

  52. MyCasestore 07.09.2015


    I have dowloaded this extension and it works great. I was wondering if the description field can be shown using cdata?

  53. angelk 07.09.2015

    Thanks for your quick support.

    Keep up the good job !

  54. DenisR 07.09.2015


    I've checked your demo. I would be very interested into your module if you can add possibility to check which categories to export.


  55. barbo 07.09.2015

    Very good and very helpful support. Thanks a lot for a new version of model which support last version of OC.

  56. sahinozyurek 07.09.2015

    Perfect module and DEAWid answers support tickets very fast. If you need XML outputs you must certainly buy it. Thanks a lot

  57. DEAWid 07.09.2015

    Toto je spíše globální export. Musel byste ručně upravit počet dní dodání + kategorie .. a jiné pro správný chod heureky a zbozi.

    Export pro Heureku i zboží mám již také vytvořen.

    Kdyžtak se ozvěte na http://deawid.com/support


  58. siko3535 07.09.2015

    Dobrý den,
    dá se použít pro heureka.cz a zbozi.cz?

  59. Maxy 07.09.2015

    Dear Developer, its not working for me!! All the fields are blank!

    I think because of cyrilic? How do I fix ths?

    Also how to make the module save categories <category1><category2>

    Please assist asap , as I need this xml :)


  60. online-trade 07.09.2015

    Perfect extention and great support! Thank you!

  61. dreshnik1 22.01.2015

    Perfect extention and great support! Thank you!

  62. dreshnik1 22.01.2015

    Thank you for the great extention and good support! 5 stars from me!

  63. sahinozyurek 07.09.2014

    Hi Everyone,
    Deawid really tries to solve problems you can meet. I strongly recommend his module and also his support and freelance work if you need. You can trust him if you are not so experienced in coding. Many thanks Deawid :)

  64. sahinozyurek 07.09.2014

    Hi, he tries to understand the situation and supports very professionally. Thanks and regards,

  65. online-trade 07.09.2014

    Thank you for the great extention and good support! 5 stars from me!

  66. DEAWid 07.09.2014


    Hi, yes.


  67. investkfk 07.09.2014

    So now if anyone want to list my products i simply give them the xml right?

  68. threchette 07.09.2014

    great support and fast too, thanx for all the help ;)

  69. bultman 07.09.2014

    wow what a great support he gives.

    He has make all my other problems dissapear.

    Fast and good thats his way of working.

    And also other problems where solved for a really good price.

    Thanks !!!!

  70. Luke8 07.09.2014

    Excellent support! Very helpful developer. Works as described.

  71. DEAWid 07.09.2014


    Hi, thanks for comment ... I add that in new version. Hope whis week I will make it

  72. alxit 07.09.2014

    This is a great module but i have only one issue.
    Can this module export price with VAT ?
    I need it to export price with taxes included. Final price. Can it do that or can you make it to do that ?
    Thank you.

  73. AllTimeCams 07.09.2014

    Great support! 2 minutes after my comment all was ok!
    Thank you for the godd work! 5 stars added!

  74. AllTimeCams 07.09.2014

    Bought it 10 minutes ago.
    I have 2 problems:
    1. When i push "Create xml" button it redirects me to 404 page.
    2. When i try to visit "http://www.our-eshop.xx/admin/create_xml.php" i see blank screen.
    Nothing created in download folder.
    Please write me at alltimecams@gmail.com

    P.S. My site is under ssl - is that a problem?

  75. USReloads 07.09.2014

    Brilliant extension and Brilliant Support.

    Developer helped a lot with getting the extension to work the way we want.

    Response time is amazing.

    Worth every penny.

  76. DEAWid 07.09.2014


    Hello, I send You email, right now :)

  77. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    Create XML file to download folder :)

  78. unsound 07.09.2014

    hi,can i ask a question? is that create a xml file ? or a link? to bot gets the products? thanks anyway.

  79. Vladimir007 07.09.2013


    do you plan possibility to define own XML tags?
    for example you have:

    but some companies price comparison portals need structure:

    Also product URL would help + possibility to define store

  80. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    Hello, You must set bigger limit for "execution time" .. contact your server admin

  81. cagbaazee 07.09.2013

    Hello.. Since my database is too big and it cannot be download as it say Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded . It is better that if u add category wise then the problem will be resolve.
    Please tell me how to fix up - Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded.


  82. cagbaazee 07.09.2013

    Hello, I hv purchase the product from u.. But I need specially Category wise to be export instead of download all products. Do you hae the modules. But i m not satisfied with this.. U should add category wise or products wise then it will be more better feature to this module. Do reply

  83. evocart 07.09.2013

    There seems to be a problem with categories as sub categories are treated as regular categories making it difficoult to import them into another store, is there any way around this?

  84. ioc051013 07.09.2013

    Do you have XML import?I am looking for some good XML import extension.
    Please let me know.

  85. Reat 07.09.2013

    Great support, great guy and efficient. 5/5

  86. Reat 07.09.2013


    we finally bought the extension and need some help since we are having problems with it.


  87. Gaxas 07.09.2013

    Excellent support, fixed module in my store :)

  88. Reat 07.09.2013

    @DEAWid: Hi,

    Same here, could you add special price, image and all those stuff?

    We'll buy ASAP the module if you add this :)


  89. peluredsl 07.09.2013

    hi, I want to know if you already add the special price to appear on the xml file, I want to export my products to a price comparison website and the ask very specific things like product url, product picture url, special price, principal category, product description, and a few more. Please advice. Thanks

  90. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    Hello, sure .. :)

  91. dadone 07.09.2013

    Does it work with OC 1.5.0?

  92. sloughmi 07.09.2013


    I would like to export my customers' orders to a URL. Any plans for adding this function?

    Thank you

  93. eled 07.09.2013

    @DEAWid:I downloaded the module but i can't see the category id. Can you tell me where did you make the change? Please tell me a specific line of the code which is changed.

    Thanks for your time

  94. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    Hello, I make changes on my module and add category id like this:
    <CATEGORY>[20] Desktops -> [24] Phones &amp; PDAs</CATEGORY>

    Download my module again.

    And thanks for inspiration

  95. eled 07.09.2013

    Congratulations for your work
    In your XML feed code I want to add category id.
    How can I do that ? What code do I have to add to the php files ?

    Thanks in advance

  96. asmedrado 07.09.2013

    Friends developer of module gave me full attention and solved all my problems very fast, is to be congratulated! Can buy the module!

  97. asmedrado 07.09.2013

    I was very well attended by the developer of the module works perfectly worth buying very attentive and fast! Congratulations for the work and return of doubts !!!

  98. nordicweb1 07.09.2013


    i have a problem with the export of product options. i get an php error:

    Undefined index: name .... admin/model/tool/xml_export.php on line 152
    can you give me a hint?

    Best regards

  99. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    Just set to your CRON link:

  100. Gigo 07.09.2013

    Can you explain how I can make it to generate XML from cron job every 15 minutes?
    Best regards

  101. diom 07.09.2013

    Good, because special and discount prices are quite essential to us - too many products have them.
    Selected export would be nice as well...but no so necessary.

    I'll be checking for updates, so no need to inform.
    Thank you very much.

  102. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    Hi, yes, special prices and discount I'm planning ... but export only selected products I think no ..
    I will update this extension and contact you okey..

  103. diom 07.09.2013


    Would really like to buy your extension, but I'd like to know if your planning to make an option to export special and discount prices too?
    And it would be really useful to have an option for export only selected products, not all of them.
    For example: model number - comma separated for selected products you want to export?

    best regards,

  104. SingleWolf 07.09.2013

    Thank you for your help with the solution to my problem, DEAWid helped me almost immediately. Thanks

  105. SingleWolf 07.09.2013

    Hi DEAWid,

    I bought the [VQMOD] Profi XML Export yesterday. All product out of stock view. How do I fix the problem.


  106. carlorico 07.09.2013

    Very simple and good! Thanks!!

  107. antonis 07.09.2013


    I solve my previous request by adding some code to the xml_export.php and xml_export_static.php.
    I share this for anyone who needs some extra data on the xml feed.

    [ xml_export.php line = 284 (aprox.) ]

    public function createXML($data){

    $today = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");

    $xml = '';
    $xml .= '<'.'?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"'.'?'.'>'."\n";
    $xml .= '<SHOP>'."\n";
    $xml .= '<DATE>'.htmlspecialchars($today).'</DATE>'."\n";

    [ xml_export_static.php line = 268 (aprox.) ]

    function createXML($data){

    $today = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");

    $xml = '';
    $xml .= '<'.'?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"'.'?'.'>'."\n";
    $xml .= '<SHOP>'."\n";
    $xml .= '<DATE>'.htmlspecialchars($today).'</DATE>'."\n";

    Best regards,

  108. antonis 07.09.2013


    In your XML feed code I want to add the Date that the XML file was created.
    How can I do that ? What code I have to add to the php files ?

    Thanks in advanced


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <DATE>2013-03-14 12:36</DATE>

  109. nuclear 07.09.2013

    Hi. Possible change currency type? For example site defaut currency USD but I need export EUR prices.

    cherokhe 07.04.2017

    I checked on the demo site,only the $ output it gives.
    currency doesn't change , I guess

  110. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    Hi, I publish demo site now :)

  111. wowk 07.09.2013

    is it possible to get access to the admin panel for testing

  112. psychostore 07.09.2013

    Really nice extension, works perfectly on OC and the support is also awesome! I can only recommend it.

  113. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    today I publish new version. Now you can set CRON for automatic generate XML ....

  114. psychostore 07.09.2013


    I would like an export file as yours, but before buy I would like to get answer for some questions.
    1. If I set the product options, then I will get the xml with options/pieces? e.g. clothing, if I have 9 tee, 3M, 3L and 3XL sizes, then I will get this xml as product with 3 option, 3 M, 3 L, 3 XL? I hope you can understand what I mean..
    2. If the product has 4 images, then I get xml with 4 images url?
    3. Can I get set that this xml updates every day?

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