XML Orders Export

Export objednávek do souboru strukturovaného XML. Možnost zakliknout data, která chcete exportovat, možnost exportu cen včetně nebo bez kódu, datum objednávky (od-do), eshop (multistore), stav objednávky atd..
Soubor s exportem se ukládá do "download/orders.xml"
Můžete nastavit CRONa pro automatické generování XML, včetně možnosti zvolit si, co má být zobrazeno..


  1. merlin2768 11.07.2019

    I like your extension but I need additional fields to be exported. From the order_history table, I need the comment field which has the credit card and authorization code and transaction ID from authorize.net. Also, from the order_total table I need the code, title and value fields for the type charge, i.e. shipping, specific shipping type, i.e. UPS GRound and the shipping dollar amount charged. How can I add these (and possibly other custom fields) to your XML order export file?

    DEAWid 11.07.2019

    I reply to your email now.

  2. Norbert 08.07.2019

    Hi! Is it possible, to add shipping cost (if has) to the xml / product field? Ex: On the demo page (oc 2.), the order 3 has shipping cost, $5. Can you do that, if the order has a shipping cost, than it will be appear in the xml file, on the product field (last product)? Thank you!

  3. kinderjoy81 01.07.2019

    I want to be able to export also custom fields. Is it possible?

    DEAWid 01.07.2019


  4. silicondream 12.04.2019

    Hi - is this plugin able to only export new orders? (or be altered to do so?)
    We want to only export orders as they come in - either into individual files or append to an existing file.
    An external application will read these files and then delete them so OC can create a new file of only new orders.

    DEAWid 12.04.2019

    No, this is export date range. Try demo before you ask. Thanks

  5. feedermania 05.04.2019

    works great! thats what i need!

  6. boredmind 06.03.2019

    hello, is it possible to make the xml file according to my format, and to get data from custom fields in the order? Also to have a link to produce the xml file and download?

    DEAWid 06.03.2019

    You can create cronjob to get xml file.
    About custom format and custom fields don't what structure you need.


  7. kinderjoy81 06.01.2019

    Great support. It fixed my issue, even if it was related to another module.
    Super. Thanks

  8. kinderjoy81 19.12.2018

    I just purchased it. Is it possible to add product mpn to xml export fields?

    DEAWid 19.12.2018

    Yes, but this custom edit will cost $20...

  9. easycomtech 03.10.2018

    is it possible to export only new orders from the last run with cron?

    I dont want to export all orders again and again.

    DEAWid 03.10.2018

    Yes, you simply set date from -> date to in export script for cron and then simply set the same for cron job.

  10. georand99 23.09.2018

    as I read previous comments and answers, I still need to know if the customization level of this extension allow me to set for exported fields name for the elements and attributes , the number of (and order of) child elements, data types for elements and attributes

    DEAWid 23.09.2018

    Sorry, but I don't know what you mean by elements and attributes .. Code is open - so you can change xml structure as you wish.

  11. zeytincim 13.06.2018

    Excellent extension and best support, thank you Deawid.

  12. rh001 10.04.2018


    Is payment type and confirmation or transaction code contained in the order history, like:
    payment type: Authorize.net
    transaction code: XL344P93830XUO08
    Thanks, rob

    DEAWid 10.04.2018

    Please.. if you have problem with payment on opencart.. do not spam in comments .. simply create ticket on opencart support and wait until they help you.
    I can't help you with this problem.

    Thanks for understand.

  13. boredmind 05.03.2018


    is it ocmod or vqmod? OC ver

    is it possible to set in the cron job url from which order id and after I want to export?

    DEAWid 05.03.2018

    Hi, for it's ocmod.
    Cron is in catalog/controller/extension/module/xml_export_order.php

    Where you can set this export filters:
    $filter = array(
    'order_status' => '-', //order status ID ... for all orders set "-"
    'order_date_start' => '', //order date from (YYY-MM-DD HH:ii:ss)
    'order_date_stop' => '', //order date to (YYY-MM-DD HH:ii:ss)
    'currency_code' => true, //all prices with currency code (true/false)
    'order_store' => '-', //orders from store ID ... for all stores set "-", default store = 0
    'show_result' => true, //if you want show xml, or onl create xml file

    + items to export..


  14. Chip22222 01.03.2018

    Dobrý den, demo odkazy Vám v popisku nefungují. Můžete prosím poslat link, kde si to lze vyzkoušet? Modul bych eventuelně potřeboval na export objednávek pro účetní, čili stejně jako ve faktuře vyčíslené dph...

    DEAWid 01.03.2018

    Díky za upozornění ... demo odkazy jsem updatoval.. zkuste nyní.

  15. Chip22 19.02.2018

    Dobrý den, demo odkazy Vám v popisku nefungují. Můžete prosím poslat link, kde si to lze vyzkoušet? Modul bych eventuelně potřeboval na export objednávek pro účetní, čili stejně jako ve faktuře vyčíslené dph...

    DEAWid 19.02.2018

    Díky za upozornění ... demo odkazy jsem updatoval.. zkuste nyní.

  16. rh001 30.11.2017

    Can this extension do the following:
    1) export to csv file
    2) can I set the ordering of the fields in the export file?
    3) can I set chron job that only exports orders not previously exported, or, only orders from say "today" or "this hour" or something like to to exclude orders previously exported?

    I am trying to get csv file for import into Peachtree accounting. Fields must be in order required by peachtree.

    Thanks, Rob

    DEAWid 30.11.2017

    1. this is xml export .. look to my excel export here: https://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=marketplace/extension/info&extension_id=11324
    2. in excel export you can move code lines to sort exports.
    3. yes you can set cron

  17. valdis 23.11.2017

    What is CRON for automatic generate XML and set what you want display.
    Can does it make together with bookkeeping software automatic

  18. DEAWid 07.08.2017

    Updated for OpenCart 3.x (OCMOD)

  19. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    Hi guys,
    updated for latest version

    Enjoy !

  20. Mbro 07.09.2016

    Please release

    Thank you

  21. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @Pazar3Developer: https://www.deawid.com/support - create ticket there and let's talk :)

  22. Pazar3Developer 07.09.2016

    Hello DEAWid,
    I would like to consult with you about your plugin before we buy it. We are a company that needs to automate the process of sending the new products from other companies to our system so we could update the data. I search many plugins on multiple platforms. Please respond as soon as possible, I didn't find any email for support so I can contact you. Have a nice day.

  23. hshires 07.09.2016

    Thanks @DEAWid,

    I really appreciate the service to help get my XML Order export functioning properly.


  24. premroxx 07.09.2016

    Is there a way to automate this to every order instead of once a day.
    Will it be able to pull all my product options?


  25. zeytincim 07.09.2015

    Great extension and support. Thank you

  26. BodgeIT 07.09.2015

    Will this export fire every time an order comes through or is it a batch mechanism?

  27. GNT 07.09.2015

    Thanks for a great extension. Quick question: How do you get the file to download locally? Thanks.

  28. digitalmods 07.09.2015

    Bump for 2.x, need this ASAP!

  29. iografico 07.09.2015

    do you think to update the extension for OC 2.x? Possibly for when?


  30. BobbyW 07.09.2015

    Opencart order information to XML extension works as advertised but the best part is the support. DEAwid offers great support for his extensions and he's also available for any Opencart issues you may have. Wonderful experience working with this developer.

  31. DEAWid 07.09.2015

    Thanks, maybe in next versions .. but good idea :)

  32. segaaa1 07.09.2015

    Hello, You have in options "Date of orders" may be You can add something like "Order ID between" to choose what orders may be exported?

  33. Xoky 07.09.2014

    I like this module, set it with Cron for automated orders export and download once in a day (exporting orders for last 24hrs). And thanks for quick support!

  34. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    Hi, sure you can, but you must set CRON on your webadmin, no admin of opencart ..
    Link to make xml is this: http://www.yourdomain.xyz/admin/export_orders.php

    If you open that file you can choise what you want export. Thank You

  35. nimavakil 07.09.2014

    Hi, I would like to purchase this module, but in the demo I see no possibility to make a CRON job. I would like the new orders to be automatically exported to xml. In this possible? Thanks a lot

  36. digitalmods 07.09.2014

    Great module, works fantastic.

    Support is absolutely fantastic, well worth the money :)

    We are using this to integrate our website with Sage, this mod does the job perfectly!


    - Lea

  37. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    @wijncompleet: Hello, please use http://deawid.com/support for better communication. Thank for you comment

  38. wijncompleet 07.09.2014

    i have a question of this module is there a possibilty to send the xml sheet to a wharehouse or a fulfillment house so they can manage the proces.

    Thanks and regards


  39. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    Hi, few minutes ago I publish new version of my module. I add SKU and ISBN to export + update for latest OpenCart versions.


  40. WilkinsIT 07.09.2014

    Hey @DEAWid,

    WIth this being compatible with the newer versions of opencart, can this system export ISBN and SKU for each product? Thanks for the reply

  41. iografico 07.09.2014

    Great extension and great support!


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