Order Status Manager

With this module you can easily manage your orders statuses directly from order list in admin.
You can change order status background + color simply with colorpicker from order status list.
Module allows change single or multiple selected orders - that means you can check for example 10 orders and assign them the same order status + notify customer, or you can click only to one order and update it easily from list.


  1. Jaka 12.05.2020

    I have purchased extension "Order Status Manager" but I can not find documentation? I need installation manuals :)

  2. procheck 06.02.2020

    Hi, your demo is unaccessible

  3. emanf 28.03.2019

    Excelent module. Very useful. Great support. Thank you.

  4. info@vkd.nl 04.03.2019

    Nice module and great support ;-)

  5. azeemshamsi 21.01.2019

    my site shows error : ypu are not aloowed to acess the api and Warning: You do not have permission to access the API! when i try to update order status.
    Will this module solve my problem?
    If i buy your module and it does not work then will my money be refunded?

    DEAWid 21.01.2019

    No, you simply need add permissions in admin - users - user groups - edit group and check there all access for api.

  6. rileyjohn 19.10.2018

    great module and great support, thank you

  7. tibig 04.10.2018


    I use OC and
    I get an error message on the missing orders page.

    Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /home/szalagok/public_html/ovisjeles.hu/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-_home_szalagok_ocartdata_storage_modification_admin_controller_sale_order.php on line 510Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /home/szalagok/public_html/ovisjeles.hu/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-_home_szalagok_ocartdata_storage_modification_admin_controller_sale_order.php on line 511


    DEAWid 04.10.2018

    Ok. Create ticket on https://www.deawid.com/support

  8. zaintech 10.12.2017

    I like the module and everything working fine. Only colors are not showing on main Dashboard page. Using OS v3.0.2.0

    DEAWid 10.12.2017

    Hi, sorry but I don't know what you mean "colors on dashboard"...
    If you can, please create ticket on my free support page: https://www.deawid.com/support and I help you more.


  9. rh001 17.08.2017


    I am using an extension to take payment in store for orders placed online. The extension changes the order status to "complete" but does not send out an email. Does Order Status Manager automatically send order status change email (when notify customer is checked) even if status is changed by an extension? Thanks, Rob

    DEAWid 17.08.2017

    This extension works as order - info change order status .. absolutelly the same :)

  10. helloifix 07.08.2017

    could you please help me with the installation process

    DEAWid 07.08.2017

    sure, no problem.
    Please create ticket on https://www.deawid.com/support


  11. DEAWid 07.08.2017

    Updated for OpenCart versions - (latest)
    ENJOY ! :)

  12. daniel89 07.06.2017

    Does your module support multi language. I would need to have comment for each type of order status in 2 languages

    DEAWid 07.06.2017

    Comment is saved only in one language ..

  13. SerkanBalta77 07.05.2017

    Do you have support ?

    DEAWid 07.05.2017

    Sure ... http://www.deawid.com/support
    Create ticket there and I help you :)

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