XML Import Pro

XML Import Pro is a professional module for importing products from arbitrarily structured XML files.
Setup and operation is intuitive and very easy.
If you have more than one supplier, you can add more and more XML feeds.
To Import products, of course, you can also set a CRON script.

If you have a large XML file with many products, you can set "split" the import (1-10 parts) - this prevents shutdown of the import, if you have a weak server or small limits for running scripts.

XML Import Pro includes the Update Products feature: - You can select which items you want to items that you wish to update.
The module has multi-language support for products, category, attributes and option names.
After import, new products can have status "Disabled" or quantity "zero"
You can also edit the price of imported products (fixed +/- or by percentage value)

We can provide a demo link upon request - leave a comment.
We provide 100% support.

For more complex XML structures we can provide a script to convert into processable file ($20 fee).

Preview basic XML structure and format here:


  1. satriani 27.05.2020

    is it possible to use it only for updating existing products? And disable the import of new products that are in xml but not in eshop

    DEAWid 27.05.2020


  2. vutizmandes1 16.05.2020

    Hi! Maybe support is so-so. But module works excellent. I have tried it on different xml types. I would recommend it everyone, who wants to automate xml importing to his opencart store.
    Thanks to developer.

  3. Malibay 14.05.2020

    If the tag content is empty while shooting the products, I cannot define them. If I have made 5 samples in the updates, the x / 5 x part is constantly increasing and the update does not end.

    Malibay 16.05.2020

    I still haven't received an answer. Although I chose picture1-2-3 in XML, it takes only 1 picture and doesn't save the others.

  4. Web Greco 13.05.2020

    Hi. In the demo version i tried to import a sample xml via url. It was imported successfully. But when i want to see the imported products it shows me ( no results ). Why is that ?

  5. webvoyage 12.05.2020

    You can't ask for better support!
    And the extension does exactly what it says on the tin ...and more.

    If you want to import products through XML this is the right extension and look no further....

  6. faca5 07.05.2020


    We like to cancel our order. PHP code is very strange - obfuscate.

    Is possible to get refund due security reasons?

    Thank you.

    DEAWid 07.05.2020

    No, because code is crypted to protect extension code. So many resells ! Module works or not ??

  7. mnu59 28.04.2020

    I get errors when I installed the extension. It doesn't work.
    The support page is also not working... When it is checking the ticket, it keeps loading...
    How can I contact you?
    Thank you in advace!

    mnu59 28.04.2020

    I send you a message from the Opencart support.

  8. cha0s 22.04.2020

    Hi, very strange works seo url, he added only for single main language, other languages have empty seo url, this not error?

    vutizmandes1 16.05.2020

    This is not error. This module is multilingual. So you have to do import for every language.

  9. jurs 16.04.2020

    Great support and great product !!

  10. vojtech35 13.03.2020

    Hello, I would like to ask, if this extension can create new categories in case the category in XML import doesnt exist?

    DEAWid 15.03.2020

    Hi. Yes. if is category from xml doesn't exists on your store, import create them.
    If you don't want create new categories, simply unselect category tag and uncheck update category.
    Try demo.

    Have a nice day.

  11. Chrisad 12.03.2020

    Extension works like a charm. Easy setup and with fast and accurate support. Greetings.

  12. GriVos 29.02.2020

    If I had to import let tell something like 100 000 products, how they will be separated, because on the video is shown 10x100=1000, and after that? And also the whole list must be updated by the cron, if that will be a possible with your module?
    Thanks in advance!

    DEAWid 29.02.2020

    Did you try demo?

  13. ayhans 06.02.2020

    Works perfectly. Seller is very helpful. Thank you so much.

  14. iletisimnet 30.01.2020

    For example: Size and Colors of a Product ... Tell the facts. Can he do such a simple operation?

  15. izomer2 11.01.2020

    will you give module to email or will you setup to domain ?

    DEAWid 11.01.2020

    I provide free support after you purchase this extension. If you want, purchase it and support is here: https://www.deawid.com/support

    Have a nice day.

  16. promet 05.01.2020

    Hey i purchased your extension and module not working also trying to open ticket on your page also it was not working either.

    DEAWid 05.01.2020

    Hi, what exactly doesn't works on my support system ?

  17. cilkava 19.12.2019

    hello, I want to make improvements on the module, but how can you help with this when the codes are encrypted?

  18. kasmet4o94 12.12.2019

    DEAWid, i have problem.
    please see the Email. :)

    DEAWid 12.12.2019

    kasmet4o94 if you have problem, use my free support on https://www.deawid.com/support
    Thanks !

  19. rtbrinke 12.12.2019

    Extension did not work

    DEAWid 12.12.2019

    If you have any problems simply create ticket no https://www.deawid.com/support
    I really can't help you here in comment section.
    Thanks for understand.

  20. utkuweb 02.12.2019

    This error comes out when I say start?

    Access to this resource on the server is denied!

    Proudly powered by LiteSpeed Web Server

    Please be advised that LiteSpeed Technologies Inc. is not a web hosting company and, as such, has no control over content found on this site.

    DEAWid 02.12.2019

    If you have problem with my extension, use https://www.deawid.com/support
    I really can't help you here in comment.
    Thanks for understand.

    Ayhan 18.02.2020

    UTKUWEB : Unfortunately I have the same problem and I couldn't find a solution !!!Did you find a solution?

  21. rewin81 02.12.2019

    Hi, Is it possible to update only the quantities of the products with the same "Primary key" without importing new products on the xml file?

    DEAWid 02.12.2019

    Create ticket on https://www.deawid.com/support I really can't help you here in comments ! Thanks for understand.

  22. dehset crew 17.11.2019

    <tire_tread>195<tire_tread - I want it to automatically generate the property name.
    Is this possible?

    DEAWid 17.11.2019

    No, sorry.

  23. Earthbound Interiors 04.11.2019

    You Guys Have Been a Great Help Indeed, The Extension is Working without a Doubt but im having a Difficulty to Import Products from My Xml Sheet By Myself, Im trying to follow what you wrote to me But im Failing, a SMall Video WOuld Help

    Joseph 06.11.2019

    You Guys Are Criminals, I take My Words Back, You have not been a great Help, Why do You Need My FTP password and Username, JUst make your Thing to work, I dont need to Contact You Whenever I Import

    Joseph 06.11.2019

    Sorry for calling you Criminals, This Is Just Frustrating Man, I Hope You Forgive Me Please find another secure way for your Customers to Login Tickets, Otherwise, Your Website is Exposing Our Details to the Wrong People/Hackers

  24. rewin81 19.10.2019

    Hi, I was interested in your extension but it seems to me that a function is missing ....
    I looked at your demo but I didn't find the way to set the correspondence of the categories present on the xml file to be imported with the categories of my shop.

    rewin81 19.10.2019

    If the first time I add the products I assign a category and the next time I will import the products without indicating any category ... does this work? Will the products be updated with the first category indicated?

  25. info@tma.com.gr 10.10.2019

    this is the best addon for xml import the support is very helpfull and quick.

  26. ianhaney1 02.10.2019

    Hi, does this support php version 7 onwards?

    DEAWid 02.10.2019


  27. MMKB 01.10.2019

    I want to import the products from one site to another with everything in stock
    It is possible to update the stock and products automatically through cronjob ?

    Free install

    DEAWid 01.10.2019

    Sure - simply check update only quantity - it's in first tab on bottom.... that's all.. nothing else will be updated.. only quantity.


  28. sportlineshop 25.09.2019

    Does the module have an activation license?

    DEAWid 25.09.2019

    No. You get license after purchase. That's all

  29. pofigor 12.09.2019

    Can I get a demo module to test the loading of my xml price list?

    DEAWid 12.09.2019

    No, but you can test it on my demo:

    DEMO for 1.5.x

    DEMO for 2.x

    DEMO for 3.x

    There you can try your import.

  30. akrivosg 16.08.2019

    Is it possible to add a percentage on a price (+20%) per product or category? And make it run automatically every 1 hour?

    DEAWid 16.08.2019

    Thsi require custom code edit..

  31. vodaj1234 13.08.2019

    Is it possible, to use "model" as seo_url instead of product_id ?

    DEAWid 13.08.2019

    No, sorry..

  32. it-me-up 01.08.2019

    !!! Fantastic App/Extension !!!

    Saved me so much time and effort uploading products from my supplier.

    Even if an OC system update goes wrong and you have to rebuild your site, the XML Import Pro works flawlessly.

    Easy to use , 3 tabs and you're done.
    Simple to setup the XML mapping with dropdown menus.
    Really good support. @DEAWid knows what his doing.

  33. weboneme 30.07.2019

    Fast and excellent support!!

  34. vodaj1234 20.07.2019

    Can we add more content ? ex pl.: i have customtext , can we add this into "Content"(Tag settings) ?

    DEAWid 20.07.2019

    No, sorry

  35. DEAWid 18.07.2019

    Hi, in 3. tab are cron links .. so you can set it .. I don't recommend cron for every minute.. Only if you have small xml with few products.
    Try demo please.

    ugrakb16 18.07.2019

    If ; If there is a link in the CRON links section, Even if I don't take any action, will it automatically update?

  36. ugrakb16 18.07.2019

    Hi ;
    Hello there ; Is there a cronjob feature for the XML Import Pro plugin? So; Is xml automatically updated once every minute?

  37. DEAWid 10.07.2019

    Order_id ?

  38. vodaj1234 10.07.2019

    Bought this extension yesterday and still "id pending" ? Why?

    DEAWid 10.07.2019

    Hi, please contact directly opencart.. I really can't help you with this issue :(

  39. Patry 13.05.2019

    Hello Links doesnt work... Preview basic XML structure and format here: http://www.deawid.com/upload/simple.xml http://www.deawid.com/upload/multi-languages.xml ps. Please check my ticket on support :) Pat

  40. artazas777 30.04.2019

    Is it normal that 14.000+ products uploading more than half day?

    DEAWid 30.04.2019

    I just contact you on email. And please if you have problems, create ticket on https://www.deawid.com/support and I help you. Thanks

  41. daysincolours 20.03.2019

    Hi, if I have products with same model - can it change price at all products or only at first one?

    DEAWid 20.03.2019

    To only one.

  42. georand99 12.03.2019

    hello, I am trying to test the 3.x (or 2.x) module, but the 15minutes window is too short.
    In case that the import tool can not import my suppliers XML correctly can you provide modifications? what would be the costs?

    DEAWid 12.03.2019

    Hi, simply leave here xml link what you trying and I write you if works or not.

  43. sokomontelleryan 10.03.2019

    Hi Deawid! Category mapping would be a great add-on since the wholesaler's categories in XML feeds usually don't fit the store owners categories.

    dincertas 27.06.2019

    sure. we need category mapping.

  44. haciyuz 26.02.2019

    Support is great!
    We had a smal post-sales problem and Dawid quickly solved it.
    Thank you, dawid, I hope we work together another time.

  45. erikas013 22.02.2019

    1 module for 1 shop? Or multistore?

    DEAWid 22.02.2019

    1 license = one domain include subdomains.

  46. haciyuz 20.02.2019

    1- Is it open source?
    2- version Is it compatible

    DEAWid 20.02.2019


  47. kadirdaban 19.02.2019

    1- Is it open source?
    2- version Is it compatible

    DEAWid 19.02.2019


  48. sokomontelleryan 07.02.2019

    This is my second purchase of XML Importer. Absolutely a masterpiece of coding. Works like a charm. Support deserves also a 5-star. Had an issue with the XML Feed (local language). Deawid fixed it for me.

  49. publygraph 06.02.2019

    Hello, if the supplier gives me the stock of the warehouse your plugin can see it?

    DEAWid 06.02.2019

    I don't understand your question. You need full xml with products info like name, description, quantity ....
    Try demo ;)

  50. publygraph 05.02.2019

    Ciao, se il mio fornitore mi fornisce anche lo stock di magazzino questo plugin riesce a vederlo?

    DEAWid 05.02.2019

    Czech or english please.

  51. terziparis@gmail.com 26.01.2019

    Great Developer. After-sales service is excellent. We had a post-sales problem and Deawid quickly solved it. Thank you! If you are looking for a good developer. You're in the right place. Thank you, deawid, I hope we'il work together another time. Thanks again

  52. terziparis@gmail.com 24.01.2019

    Modul is fine, but I could not install. Please install.

    please check ticket 5464

    DEAWid 24.01.2019

    On my support https://www.deawid.com/support isn't ticket 5464 - if you want help, then create ticket on https://www.deawid.com/support.


  53. terziparis@gmail.com 23.01.2019

    please solve 5464 ticket asap

    DEAWid 23.01.2019

    Installed - done.

  54. terziparis@gmail.com 23.01.2019

    I want to buy. Please can we instal in turkish site?

    DEAWid 23.01.2019

    Yes - if you need help, please create ticket on my support page: https://www.deawid.com/support

    I can't help you more here in comments.

  55. terziparis@gmail.com 23.01.2019

    I want buy. Can you support in turkish or english language?

    DEAWid 23.01.2019

    Czech / English language.

  56. olekkas 21.01.2019

    hi i just download the module and i try 2 hours now to import products but
    Part 23/10
    Checked products undefined / 1
    Inserted products: File not found.
    Updated products
    Progress NaN%
    What i am doing wrong?

    DEAWid 21.01.2019

    If you have problem use free support on https://www.deawid.com/support
    Or look to documentation: http://opencart.deawid.com/documentation/xml-import-pro/?page_id=6

    Import stats problem. You can solve it by yourself ;)


  57. manarata 08.01.2019

    Awesome support! The developer helps me a lot with past configuration issues. Including custom coding. I`m pretty glad that my XML works correctly with free developer support.

  58. alindrusan 07.01.2019

    Hello. I buy this app but i can't instal. i have this error http://prntscr.com/m3zzde

    DEAWid 07.01.2019

    If you have problem use my free support on https://www.deawid.com/support


  59. ken2559 27.12.2018

    Hi. Is it possible
    1) to import products into other categories other than primary (XML link)?
    2) to change value of tag's type into other before importing&

    DEAWid 27.12.2018

    1. Yes, you can write simply fix in admin import_edit.php file if you know php
    2. yes, in the same file you can write fix for this.

  60. DeveloperSuleyman 22.12.2018

    hi @DEAWid, We want to transfer crones automatically, not manually. Is it enough to create a job on the C panel? Do you have any work on this?

  61. mfurkanyilmaz 19.12.2018

    hello I want to change my licence domain name, can you help me for me?

  62. marcosacramento 14.12.2018

    I bought your module and it is great!
    Is it possible to import by category id, instead of category description?

    DEAWid 15.12.2018

    Yes, but you need write fix for that.

  63. wackmofo 05.12.2018

    Great extension and even better support! Recommend it!

  64. weedecs 21.11.2018

    i have set everything all categories came, but only on product is coming without image. what am i doing wrong?

    DEAWid 21.11.2018

    How I can know without any details about your xml. If you want support, create ticket on https://www.deawid.com/support and I help you.


  65. giwrgos84 15.11.2018

    very good support

  66. ustunsoz 28.10.2018

    Super fast reply for my issue. It is solved immediatly, thanks for support

  67. mrtnb 10.10.2018

    Hi, how can I add different VAT/Tax per product in Tags? I can not match tax tag even I tried with diff. words for tag (likw <vat>20%</vat> , <vat>20</vat>, <tax>...<anytag>...

    DEAWid 10.10.2018

    Sorry, you can't add diferent taxes. Only in admin import_edit.php file define tax_class_id ..

  68. BulentBozkir 12.09.2018

    I create a ticket. HOW CAN WE CHANGE DOMAIN-LICENCE ????

    DEAWid 12.09.2018


  69. adam 11.09.2018

    hi I am creating a new opencart store and have been given an xml feed by my supplier, when I try to use your demo store I can not seem to get it to work, the xml says downloaded successfully but the product tag is blank and when I go to tag settings it says xml file broken. please help I don't want to purchase if I can not make it work regards adam

  70. rec 07.09.2018

    What are the working hours? I waiting for a license and a response for 3 hours. ((

    Ticket ID 427

    rec 07.09.2018

    oops 1 hour await the.

  71. muglali 04.09.2018

    Is the module domain licensed?
    modül domain lisanslı mı?

    DEAWid 04.09.2018

    Yes. One license = one domain. If you want test it, you can activate it on subdomain .. like test.yourdomain.com ... then will works on final domain yourdomain.com too.

  72. blntbzkr 19.08.2018

    I create a ticket. HOW CAN WE CHANGE DOMAIN-LICENCE ????

    DEAWid 19.08.2018


  73. cepcemuh 14.08.2018

    I have no words to explain the strong professional skills and attitude of this guy. He is a great person and if you do not act like a fool - you will receive an awesome support. He is ready to make everything instead of you, he even installed the module instead of me, he changed the module as I wanted and everything is working like a charm!!! Buy from him and his awesome extensions - you won't regret! He is a real professional!

  74. cepcemuh 13.08.2018

    Please check my Ticket #5464, it's really important!

    DEAWid 13.08.2018

    Ticket 5464 DOEN'T EXISTS !
    If you have ticket on my free support, then wait.
    I'm in work now. Can't help you now. Latter.

    Thanks for understand-

  75. cepcemuh 10.08.2018

    I tried the demo but I had no success in the import process... Anyway... I have several questions and depending on the answers - I will buy this module. But I need fast communication... Where we can talk faster but not comment by comment? Skype maybe?

    DEAWid 10.08.2018

    The faster way is leave here xml link and I told you if works or not.

  76. doci_shop 25.07.2018

    Hello I am interested in the products but I want to know if I can import only part of the products from the feed. products that I will be able to choose and will it be possible to assign then to existing categories in my site
    thank you for you answer

    DEAWid 25.07.2018

    Hi, no, import insert all products from xml, but you can disable products what you don't want ;)

    Try demo first.

  77. billakss 15.07.2018

    Ticket #5464
    You close the ticket without resolve the problem.
    support is very slow.
    please fix the problem with photos

    DEAWid 15.07.2018

    On my support https://www.deawid.com/support or on opencart.com support ticket 5464 doesn't exists !!!!

    So how you can tell slow support ?
    And if you mean diferent ticket number, maybe it's because is sunday ?.....
    My last reply to all of my tickets was in friday !

  78. hknerdr 14.07.2018

    Does your module get Tax amount from xml file?
    I have an xml file that has different tax percentages to be added on the prices?

  79. Hakan 14.07.2018

    Hi, Is it possible for us to get tax option from xml and apply it to product? Because the products on my xml file differs according to products. So it has to be fetched from xml and applied to the product. Thanks

  80. MartinN17 13.07.2018

    Helpful and fast support
    Everything working as it should

  81. 2goodtech 10.07.2018

    Purchased, had a small problem. I got a lightning fast support within 5 mins since sending the ticket. Can't be more happy. Cheers DEAWid!

  82. arnaudov_ 06.07.2018

    Hello, I have a problem with the product license. I wrote you Ticket with number
    Waiting for your reply. thanks

    DEAWid 06.07.2018

    Ticket #5464 doesn't exists on my support https://www.deawid.com/support.
    Ask for help there please.


  83. reneb72 16.06.2018

    Great extension and a very good support!
    Keep this up!

  84. stumbrys27 12.06.2018

    PERFECT support and PERFECT module .
    I recommend !!!

  85. stumbrys27 05.06.2018

    bad support , 5 days and no answer.

    DEAWid 05.06.2018

    I reply to all tickets every day !
    Where you have ticket ??

  86. nioz 04.05.2018

    Iam intrestring about this module. But first i want to aks you if i can assign a category from the Xml to another category in my store ? Thank you

    DEAWid 04.05.2018

    Hi. At this moment you can't simply assign xml category to your eshop category. But I can write example code in admin import_edit.php where you can define what categories you want import from xml to your eshop categories :)

    If you are interest, buy extension and create ticket on my free support https://www.deawid.com/support


  87. mstayan@yahoo.com 22.04.2018

    The worst, rudest and slowest support that I ever see. This guy makes you feel worthless and the extension is no meaning at all, there is many importers as free like this.

  88. kis01 31.03.2018

    Excellent module and perfect support

  89. furkan_y 22.03.2018

    hello I want to change my licence domain name, can you help me for me?

  90. yunuserturk 17.03.2018

    Hello, I want to buy this plugin but i have a question.
    Can I assign a category from the xml to another category in my web store?
    I have to use several xml pages. And these categories have another names.

    DEAWid 19.03.2018

    You can replace category name from xml to your category name on your eshop only in admin import_edit.php file .. simply replace variable of category name .. but you need to know all category path from xml.
    In future I add this function to xml import from admin side ... But I'm too busy at this moment.

  91. vlaci BG 13.03.2018

    Hello again,
    How does it handle multiple attribute names + values but 1 attribute group?
    Is it always

    or it can be group1 for both products?
    thank you.

    vlaci BG 13.03.2018

    *for both attribute names from the same product I mean.

  92. vlaci BG 13.03.2018

    Does it support Related Products?

    DEAWid 13.03.2018

    No, sorry.

  93. netpixel 12.03.2018

    Pre-sales questions. Can i set to update every 2 miniutes? in demo page i cant find cron job settings. where i puth the cron job links? on my server?

    DEAWid 12.03.2018

    Yes, you can ... cron settings is in your webpanel admin.. you need only link to import

  94. IK Solunsky 03.03.2018

    Excellent module, I buy several times already

  95. solunski.d 01.03.2018

    Excellent module, I buy several times already

  96. predan 28.02.2018

    I have one question, this module import also categories and subcategories from the same XML where the produts are ?

    DEAWid 28.02.2018

    Yes (try demo)

  97. imumutkilic 23.02.2018

    Perfect module, perfect technical support.

  98. ergun 12.02.2018

    It works perfect. and realy nice support. Thanks.

  99. vlaci 06.02.2018

    Hello again,
    How does it handle multiple attribute names + values but 1 attribute group?
    Is it always

    or it can be group1 for both products?
    thank you.

    vlaci 06.02.2018

    *for both attribute names from the same product I mean.

  100. vlaci 24.01.2018

    Does it support Related Products?

    DEAWid 24.01.2018

    No, sorry.

  101. overfatih 06.01.2018

    Is this 3.x extension avable with multivendors? Can Each one seller use xml import to their owner admin panel?

    DEAWid 06.01.2018

    One admin - multiple xmls.. Not multiple administrations and one (or more) xmls......

  102. dimitris15 05.01.2018

    Excelent Support and very good plugin i will buy soon again for all my sites i build and they need feed ext.

  103. edgarcelso 01.01.2018

    Hi, i bought your extension on December 28, and in the same i make a ticket in support system, the token in my session is closing and i'm getting some messages in my front store. when do you think that you can help me?

    DEAWid 01.01.2018

    Soon I look to all tickets.. Be patient please..

  104. IK Solunsky 31.12.2017

    Supported by CDATA?

    DEAWid 31.12.2017

    Yes. If you need anything, use my free support on https://www.deawid.com/support

  105. IK Solunsky 31.12.2017

    Hello! There was a problem with the "XML" file, created a ticket, the developer solved all the problems, for which many thanks! Everything works fine!

  106. l4gerardo 28.12.2017

    Hi, i bought your extension on December 22 and install the ocmod version, but i'm unable to load the XML file from my provider and also the one you provide as an example . i get the load successful message but i get no product tag options in the drop down menu, and no file info in the information area, i create a ticket on the 22, i get that it was close to the holidays and the new years eve is coming , and that you might be on vacations. can i get at least a confirmation that you are still giving support and that you will look into my problem soon. Today is the 28 and your site says "support in 48hr" it's been 6 days with no answer. please contact me

    DEAWid 01.01.2018

    Hi, yes, I have week off .. soon I look to all tickets.. Don't worry.

  107. selmankara 26.12.2017

    Hi, when is purchase a licence, do you let it to use both in my web site and in my test site. For example; www.mysite.com and test.mysite.com

    DEAWid 01.01.2018

    Hi, yes, you can use one licence on one domain + subdomain.

  108. digital4u 13.12.2017

    Hello can this module fetch images from a remote server ? Thank you

    DEAWid 13.12.2017

    Hi, how exactly ? Give me example ..

  109. solunski.d 18.11.2017

    Supported by CDATA?

    DEAWid 18.11.2017

    Yes. If you need anything, use my free support on https://www.deawid.com/support

  110. etvorba 07.11.2017

    Bude fungovat pro zboži.cz, heuréku i google nákupy Verze ?

    DEAWid 07.11.2017

    toto je importní modul, ne exportní. zkuste demo

  111. solunski.d 03.11.2017

    Hello! There was a problem with the "XML" file, created a ticket, the developer solved all the problems, for which many thanks! Everything works fine!

  112. Tiberiu 23.10.2017

    Hello, I would like to know if this module is automated. I do not really understand IT ... I have a provider that allows me to integrate through url or PHP, with xml, csv, json feed format. I can manually download products and categories, but I would prefer to be everything up-to-date and automatic. Can you help me with this question/problem? Thank you!

  113. LaWSuiT 20.10.2017

    Do you reset the option stocks when the option names named xml are output?

  114. LaWSuiT 20.10.2017

    The products that come out of the xml data are reset, but should this apply to product options?

    DEAWid 20.10.2017

    I don't understand what you mena by "reset" ... explain it on my support page https://www.deawid.com/support please .. not here.

  115. 1tehnika 17.10.2017

    I am about to purchase your extension, but want to check if it meets my feed supplier requirements. Can I send you a pdf document describing the feed? Did not find any email address or other possibility to add attachment.

    DEAWid 17.10.2017

    Please send me only xml link and I told you if works with my extension or not..
    Send it to https://www.deawid.com/support


  116. l3yrak44 12.10.2017

    opencart error.
    help place
    Product tag

    DEAWid 13.10.2017

    Hi, if you have any problems, please use https://www.deawid.com/support ... not comment section.
    Thanks !

  117. smalls 30.09.2017

    Hi, it's a great plugin, but you need to add in "what to update check boxes (when a product already exists)" all the product attributes, like name, weight, manufacturer, special price etc. That's because some xmls change the product title (eg case for iphone 7 becomes case for iphone 7,8), or some xmls add weight, add special price etc after a period of use and need to be updated too.

  118. dzabe 21.09.2017

    Program work perfect! everything what i need is working!
    Great and fast support! they really understand what you need!
    thank you for best opencard program!

  119. smalls 14.09.2017

    Great support, thank you!

  120. hotbloodedd 24.08.2017

    Great support !!!! thank you

  121. capsomanyak 07.08.2017

    I've been waiting for support since yesterday, but I still have not been back

    DEAWid 07.08.2017

    I already reply you now.

  122. ayhans 07.08.2017

    It would be great if added to the category mapping. Thanks.

    DEAWid 07.08.2017

    Sorry, I can't because speed of module. If so module must load categories before importing proccess.. and imagine xml with 2000 categories (and subcategories).... it!s not possible.

    You can map category in admin/import_edit.php file.. in version 3.x is this file in catalog folder..

    Thanks for understand.

  123. mojarra 07.08.2017

    Hi, can this module import from json? Or can i input a best buy api url and choose categories to import?

    DEAWid 07.08.2017

    With this extension you can import ONLY XML files.

  124. GlobalEstudio.com.br 09.07.2017

    I can assign a product to 2 different categories
    in this way
    <CATEGORY>level-1 | level-2 </CATEGORY>
    <CATEGORY>level-1 | level-3 </CATEGORY>
    Or this way
    <CATEGORY>level-1 | level-2, level-1 | level-3 </CATEGORY>

    aidakuss 09.07.2017

    Me too, how to solve that?

  125. proproduction 07.07.2017

    Hello, I have a problem with the module. The image link is stored in databases but the image is not downloaded. Where could be the problem?

    DEAWid 07.07.2017

    If you have any problems, please do not create comments here, but create ticket on https://www.deawid.com/support

    Thanks !

  126. hotbloodedd 07.07.2017

    Thank you DEAWiD, great support, must have extension

  127. hotbloodedd 07.07.2017

    Hi I have just purchased xml import pro, and I have a question about attribute that we can not fill it in right place.
    for example we have tags like this:


    How could we chose <MetalContent> as an attribute name and 14K as atribute value ?


    DEAWid 07.07.2017

    Sorry, you can't assign TAG NAME as ATTRIBUTE name .. only way how to solve this is define tag names as attributes in admin / import_edit.php .. but question is how many attribute tags are in xml..

  128. aidakuss 07.07.2017

    I have just saw one issue/bug.
    If customer has products in cart with options, logout and after login to his account after products update, these products that was added in cart before this update, becomes without option.
    Please solve this as soon as possible. This is really serious issue because if customer act like this scenario (and this is not very rare) seller get orders without product options even if option is required for these products, so we have to contact with customers and ask products sizes manually.

  129. opencart-solutions 28.06.2017

    Hello, I have a problem with the module. The image link is stored in databases but the image is not downloaded. Where could be the problem?

    DEAWid 28.06.2017

    If you have any problems, please do not create comments here, but create ticket on https://www.deawid.com/support

    Thanks !

  130. smalls 07.06.2017

    Hi, i've noticed that image urls in xml with space in their names doesnt download. I've changed space to %20, but still it doesnt. Is there a problem with images with spaces? Thank you.

    DEAWid 07.06.2017

    Image url spaces was fixed in latest version.. If you have still problem with this, please create ticket on support system: https://www.deawid.com/support

  131. islevbilisim12 07.06.2017

    sorry,ı have some errors,could you help me?

    DEAWid 07.06.2017

    Please, if you have problem, create ticket on http://www.deawid.com/support

  132. williange 07.05.2017

    I can assign a product to 2 different categories
    in this way
    <CATEGORY>level-1 | level-2 </CATEGORY>
    <CATEGORY>level-1 | level-3 </CATEGORY>
    Or this way
    <CATEGORY>level-1 | level-2, level-1 | level-3 </CATEGORY>

    aidakuss 07.06.2017

    Me too, how to solve that?

  133. muratdiraz 07.05.2017

    I accidentally set up localhoste

    DEAWid 07.05.2017

    Hi, submit your licence again please.

  134. renda 07.04.2017

    so if i understand correctly, with this module i am able to download my suppliers products and product information directly from their site?

    DEAWid 07.04.2017

    If you have XML from their site, then yes.

  135. vilaspo 07.04.2017

    we using your module but there is one big disadvantage. We cant import product with multi-categories. Many our products has more than only one category. How to import product with multi categories?

    DEAWid 07.04.2017

    Hello, if you have problem, please create ticket on http://www.deawid.com/support and let's finish it there..

  136. ufoss 07.04.2017

    From google merchant feed not work...Has no price, images and category tag?
    Can you help this issue

    DEAWid 07.04.2017

    Hello, if you have any problems, please create ticket on my support system: http://www.deawid.com/support


  137. Ranjeet_BrandBag 07.04.2017

    Excellent extension!!! It was very close to my requirement and here i got it. Its works great with version if you have correct XML feeds structure.

  138. gxHL 07.03.2017

    How can I rename the categories before the import? And Is there an option to pick the category order?

    DEAWid 07.03.2017

    If you want change xml category before import, then you need write script in admin/import_edit.php (you have some examples inside)

    If you don't know how to change it, you can create ticket on https://www.opencart-support.com and we can help you for little fee.
    Custom edit's are payed.

  139. luklukko 07.03.2017

    Hi, Can I import can import XML files that are protected by HTTP Authentication - login and password?

    DEAWid 07.03.2017

    Sure.. you can add login in url - like: http://username:password@url.com

  140. HONEYS DREAMS 07.03.2017

    Hi there I trying to see if my feed will work with the open cart on your demo page but the demo page is not working?

    DEAWid 07.03.2017

    Try it now please..

  141. dig4u 07.03.2017

    Hello can this module fetch images from a remote server ? Thank you

    DEAWid 07.03.2017

    Hi, how exactly ? Give me example ..

  142. Boekie 07.03.2017

    Great extension. 5 stars. Recommended.

  143. henrich@brunno.info 07.02.2017

    I have non standard xml feed, but communication and support is very good.
    I recommend this module. 5 stars.

  144. ray032 07.02.2017

    Great module, great support, recommended. 5star.

  145. lerzan 07.01.2017

    Thanks for your quick responses to my tickets Deawid. This module will help me a lot.

  146. digital4u 13.12.2016

    Hey Deawid,

    How many products would you consider enough to need to split the import into parts? Currently my XML has 3.000 entries

  147. jquery_ui 07.12.2016

    ok. Thanks Deawid

  148. DEAWid 07.12.2016

    Create ticket on http://www.deawid.com/support fill there logins and I do it..

  149. jquery_ui 07.12.2016

    My file is named admin/import_edit-dist.php. In this file wrote to renamed to import_edit.php. But I cannot see where to change yet. I need to import only in-stock products. Send me what I should change there

  150. DEAWid 07.12.2016

    In admin/import_edit.php

    you have there some samples.

  151. jquery_ui 07.12.2016

    Thank you Deawid. I want to make something else. I want to import only products in stock. How can I do this? In my xml have tag <in_stock>Y/N</in_stock>

  152. DEAWid 07.12.2016

    You are welcome :) Have a nice day

  153. lerzan 07.12.2016

    It ok now thank u

  154. DEAWid 07.12.2016

    Hi lerzan, please try it again. Sorry for troubles.

  155. lerzan 07.12.2016

    Hi Deawid, in my admin panel it also says "Your order id doesn't exists". I just created a ticket id #1254 at your home page.

  156. DEAWid 07.12.2016

    Hi jquery_ui,
    please try it now.

    Sorry for troubles..

  157. jquery_ui 07.12.2016

    I purchased and payed the plugin but in my admin Panel wrote: Your order id doesn't exists(I copied my order id 3 times). What happens?

  158. AxiTRBilisim 07.12.2016

    there is a good support but he does not like people who live in turkey.Therefore, mypoint is 10/8

  159. DEAWid 07.12.2016

    XML looks almost fine, but you will need make some changes in import_edit.php file for categories. I see there tags about relateds product, this is not in my module. Only product data.


  160. Nikolay Todorov 07.12.2016


    Can you please look at this XML feed and tell me if it compatible with you extension.


    Thanks in advance.

  161. DEAWid 07.12.2016

    Please... reason why I move you to support is to stop spamming comments here. Thanks for understand.

  162. jquery_ui 07.12.2016

    Tell me what actually I should change

  163. DEAWid 07.12.2016

    Fine. But I'm notified about new ticket, so please do not remind it here. Thanks.

  164. jquery_ui 07.12.2016

    #1255 ticket

  165. jquery_ui 07.12.2016

    I do this.

  166. DEAWid 07.12.2016

    You are welcome. Have a nice day

  167. EnDot 04.12.2016


    Can you please look at this XML feed and tell me if it compatible with you extension.


    Thanks in advance.

  168. Nostalux 06.11.2016

    Our opencart is quite customized with diffrent prices per store, price & other data in other tables then the basic setup. But with some kind support this extension works great !

    5 stars for a great extension and nice support !

  169. Nostalux 06.11.2016

    @DEAWid: Thanks ! Received it, thanks for the quick support! Updated the review to 5 stars :)

  170. Nostalux 06.11.2016

    Im sorry to rate you with 1 star but i've bought your extension and requested 2 times for support. The first request was closed without any notification and have no response on the second request.

    Could you please give some kind of support for a 90 euro extension ?

    Of course I do hope to change my feedback after you've contacted me. See the open support ticket nr 827.

  171. DEAWid 07.10.2016

    @GabbyAbir: Hi, I look into your xml and looks fine. I think no problem with tags. If you have any problems after purchase, simply create ticket on http://www.deawid.com/support


  172. GabbyAbir 07.10.2016

    I like to know if you Module "XML Import PRO" can import the product from the file

    Thank you

  173. valtsi 07.10.2016


    Is it possible to import all products in xml(no matter what category data it has) in one category of store? And then adjust categories of products manually.
    Is it possible to adjust price by percentage if product costs more than for example 100 euros and adjust price by valu +10euros if product costs less than 100euros?

  174. kjordanov 07.10.2016

    Work - perfect!
    support - perfect!

  175. DEAWid 07.10.2016

    @hanood: Hi. Yes and Yes :)

  176. hanood 07.10.2016


    i have two questions before buying

    1- does it support sub categories
    2- can i set the cron job to update quantity every 1 hour of all products?


  177. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    Hi, probably yes, it's possible. But I can't add this edit to free support.
    Every login is diferent, so I can't add this feature to this module as standard function.

    Thanks for understand

  178. michel!! 07.09.2016

    hello ,i have a question.
    i want to buy your xml pro import.
    but my product feed is behind a login .
    and there are no additional windows to fill in the username and password.

    is there a solutions for that ?

  179. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    Hi guys, finally updated for latest opencart version
    Enjoy! =)

  180. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @clickbizz: Hello. I f you have any questions or have problem with module, please create ticket in my support system: http://www.deawid.com/support


  181. clickbizz 07.09.2016


    I bought the extension and never used it because it didn't work, for anoter website I have installed the extension, with this website it works but I have multiple categories separated with |. How can I set the categories to be saved in the database ?

    I also use > for the hierarchical structure.

    Thank you.

  182. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @toniaft: Hi, please look to support page: http://www.deawid.com/support .. just contact me there. Thanks

  183. toniaft 07.09.2016

    @DEAWid please i really need to see if the file i will have access is usefull with your extension, can you please send me an email and then i will can show you the file that my provider offers me ?


  184. keyifbebesi 07.09.2016

    This is one of our key modules and it is working great...Most important of all is Deawid's perfect support and help...Thanks for all the help so far !!

  185. antoniu 07.09.2016

    Dear Sir , I plan to buy your software XML import pro. I have the opencart version Is it possible to check my XML before I buy you software?

  186. vbranislav 07.09.2016

    This extension is great, work fast and easy for use. DEAWid team for me have 10/10 stars. Thanks

  187. GQM 07.09.2016

    Thanks again for your help, had an issue with the option price and DEAWid was able to find the issue and fix it. Took some time as I'm sure he is busy but eventually gets the job done.

    Keep up the great work!

  188. vbranislav 07.09.2016

    @DEAWid like u know we buy extensions yesterday and its not working on OC 2.1, so please do something with our ticket #1076

  189. GQM 07.09.2016

    Amazing support, have been using this module for a few years. Has always managed to help fix an issue if it arises.

    Thanks for your hard work

  190. tanerozcan 07.09.2016

    Hi DEAwid,

    Are you okay? I am waiting. (24 hours) :(

    Ticket 1071

  191. uskudar 07.09.2016


    I purchased the module,

    our xml structure is different from the current module structure.
    for example in module, there is only one category field, but there are subcategories in xml structure.

    is there any way to make the module competible with our xml, could you help me for this.

    We need fast solution, thanks.

    Details of ticket #1070

  192. tanerozcan 07.09.2016

    @DEAWid: Sorry... Your all mail In the spam box :( Problem is solved. Thank you so much.

  193. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @tanerozcan: Look to email. I reply few minues ago.

  194. tanerozcan 07.09.2016

    @DEAWid: I have a ticket. it's #1044 also 2016-05-13 23:28:36

  195. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @tanerozcan: What exactly? Create ticket on http://www.deawid.com/support today I look to all tickets.

  196. tanerozcan 07.09.2016

    @DEAWid: I'm waiting for a solution. And your modul are waiting... waiting... waiting... :(

  197. tanerozcan 07.09.2016

    @alicansoysal: sorunu çözebildin mi hocam ?

  198. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @arselweb: If you need help, create ticket on my support page: http://www.deawid.com/support


  199. arselweb 07.09.2016

    Can you help me please,
    Your e-mail adress?

  200. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @obucek: Him I write you email. Thanks

  201. obucek 07.09.2016

    Hello! I plan to buy your module but before can you check my xml file? I want to be sure that will work with your module. Yo can contact me on info@studiogirs.com. Thx and all the best


  202. OxMedya 07.09.2016

    @DEAWid: thnx

  203. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    No, image is image .. that's not connected with language.

  204. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @aykuttuzcu: yes.

  205. marrysmil 07.09.2016

    On product import , this plugin works to import two languages or more and import image from url?

  206. OxMedya 07.09.2016
  207. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @aykuttuzcu: what ?.....

  208. OxMedya 07.09.2016

    @DEAWid: ok . cPanel and how are we going to do this?

  209. OxMedya 07.09.2016

    user/bin/php /public_html/incile.com/admin/import.php How should this cron jobs command? in this way did not.

  210. sanalgenc 07.09.2016

    @DEAWid: Opencart İmport and export demo???

  211. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @sanalgenc: yes

  212. sanalgenc 07.09.2016

    This module to version opencart?

  213. dig4u 07.09.2016

    Hey Deawid,

    How many products would you consider enough to need to split the import into parts? Currently my XML has 3.000 entries

  214. mlekesiz 07.09.2016

    Does it work with tech-data system? Is there use?

  215. mira.baka 07.09.2016

    Great module. I received quick responses to my questions and custom works were made within 3 days. Just great support. Thanks DEAWid.

  216. orhan93 07.09.2016

    Friendly support. Fast and great job.

  217. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @becks70: Hi, I reply to all tickets today :)

  218. becks70 07.09.2016

    Hello I seem to be having a problem with your extension. I have opened a ticket a few days ago, can you please advise on ticket 1008.
    Many thanks

  219. becks70 07.09.2016

    @DEAWid: Hello I have requested support for my extension, can you please answer ticket 1008 many thanks

  220. ademaltan 07.09.2016

    Excellent module and excellent support. Thank you very much.

  221. KSMedia 07.09.2016

    Our opencart is quite customized with diffrent prices per store, price & other data in other tables then the basic setup. But with some kind support this extension works great !

    5 stars for a great extension and nice support !

  222. valroudev 07.09.2016

    Thank you for your great support and extension. This is one of my top 3 favorite apps for OC. The developer Deawid was very cooperative during instalation and the intial setup of the app. Deavid keep the good work.
    Thank you one more time.

  223. KSMedia 07.09.2016

    @DEAWid: Thanks ! Received it, thanks for the quick support! Updated the review to 5 stars :)

  224. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    I reply to you 5 hours after you submit ticket 982..

  225. KSMedia 07.09.2016

    Im sorry to rate you with 1 star but i've bought your extension and requested 2 times for support. The first request was closed without any notification and have no response on the second request.

    Could you please give some kind of support for a 90 euro extension ?

    Of course I do hope to change my feedback after you've contacted me. See the open support ticket nr 827.

  226. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    Ok, I write this:
    1. message: did you try demo first ??
    2. if you need some special edits, read description about this module. .. it's possible with $20 fee

  227. alicansoysal 07.09.2016

    I'm waiting your reply again...

  228. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    yes, because I reply to your email 2 times....

  229. altansahin 07.09.2016

    why are you deleting my question?

  230. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    I already reply now .

  231. alicansoysal 07.09.2016

    I'm still waiting your reply to my ticket! This is not working and there is no error anywhere. Only loading, loading and loading...

  232. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @xdelios: hello, look at your email ..

  233. xdelios 07.09.2016


    I have a pre-sale question.

    The xml files I use from my supplier have categories in a different format than your modules allows me to select.

    For example.

    My supplier gives category info as follows

    <main category>xxx</main category>

    and so on

    Is it possible to add categories like that?

  234. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    Firstly try demo.. if you want some custom changes in code, use http://www.deawid.com
    Thanks !

  235. GIUSEPPE1969 07.09.2016

    hi how im sure it will work ?

  236. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @zvi1975: Sorry for late answer. One licence for one domain.. You can use it in subdomain.

  237. zvi1975 07.09.2016

    license for one website? or you can use two?

  238. kkm-uk 07.09.2016

    I am use this app long time, very good app, fast support. Must have in every store!

  239. netmagaza 07.09.2016

    Tek seferde modül kurulumunu başardım. Çalıştırma esnasında yaptığım ufak hatadan dolayı bazı aksaklıklar olsa da destek üzerinden açtığım destek talebine hemen geri dönüş yapılıp sorum çözüldü. Firma bağımsız olarak xml alabiliyorum. Kullanmayı düşünen arkadaşlara tavsiye ederim, özellikle hızlı destek için ayrıca modül üreticilerine teşekkür ederim.

  240. asnhbh 07.09.2016

    very very thank you :)

  241. k260 07.09.2016

    This script is amazing. What every I writer will not not be a nof to describe how good this is.
    Best regards from Denmark.

  242. appweb 16.09.2015

    perfect module, I am very happy :)

  243. ntikosbil 07.09.2015

    Hello, your plugin looks great. I think i will have an issue though, the images used for the products in my xml feed have the same names. I mean, the source images are saved in different folder for each product so if i import them in opencart which uses only one folder for images they will overwrite each other. Is there a workaround for this? It's the only thing that keeps me for buying. Thank you.

  244. rgabor 07.09.2015

    Hello, Thank you for your help.

    I can confirm that so far this plugin is the greatest I have ever seen. Support is excellent.

    Well worth the money.

    Excellent work, Thank you.

  245. joao-ernani 07.09.2015

    perfect module, I am very happy :)

  246. elinados 07.09.2015

    Super module. Thank you.
    Stock 0 the products are installed?

  247. bitteguenstig 07.09.2015

    My feed link ist password protected. When I try do go to step 2 it says the xml file is damaged.

    I sure have the login data but there is no place in the import where i can add these.

    thanks for your quick support.

  248. fmartin 07.09.2015

    By far the best feed importer for Opencart that I have seen and an excellent support service. Thank you.

  249. Qlickscan 07.09.2015

    I can surely recommand this module if you want to safe time uploading / updatings your products. Its a very good module and during set up i had some questions that were answerd very quickly. Awesome module and an awesome support. Thanks Deawid!

  250. mateuspires 07.09.2015

    Hello, I would like to know your e-mail I send an XML file for you to review. We are integrating the products of one supplier to our store, they use an xml file. I found her very good module and I believe what I need, I would like to send you the file XML from my supplier integration model for you to analyze and see if it is easy to integrate and if your module supports this type of structure. If I need help installing you help us? Thank you, I look back.

  251. insomnia 07.09.2015

    Great extension with great support. Best XML import extension I have ever tried in the market. Strongly suggested.

  252. primasecure 07.09.2015

    Very helpful , though i'm not a techie , he was able to assist me every step of the way to have my issues resoved ...i would most def recommend this product :)

  253. caglarpapak 07.09.2015

    Really really awesome extension. (10/10 star).

    Support is very well. (10/10 star)

  254. DEAWid 07.09.2015

    Yes, it's vqmod

  255. steroid 07.09.2015

    Hello. Module vqmod only??

  256. DEAWid 07.09.2015

    @fmartin: If you have any questions, in each demo is contact box :)
    Or simply use ticket system here: http://www.deawid.com/support


  257. fmartin 07.09.2015

    Could you please provide an email to contact you? I have a few questions before buying the module.

    Thank you.

  258. radino123 07.09.2015

    Really good extension, unbelievable support. 5/5 stars !!!
    Thank you DEAWid

  259. tesak2010 07.09.2015

    Thanky you for awesome extension and free support! :)

  260. gunay 07.09.2015


  261. eqinox 07.09.2015

    very good module. excellent technical support. all kinds helpful. fix the XML structure. thank you so much !!! my english is bad (translate) :)) turkish say: mükemmel bir modül. daima yardımcı oldu. sorunlu xml yapılarını düzeltti. çok teşekkür ederim..

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