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XML Import Pro is a professional module for importing products from arbitrarily structured XML files.
Setup and operation is intuitive and very easy.
If you have more than one supplier, you can add more and more XML feeds.
To Import products, of course, you can also set a CRON script.

If you have a large XML file with many products, you can set "split" the import (1-10 parts) - this prevents shutdown of the import, if you have a weak server or small limits for running scripts.

XML Import Pro includes the Update Products feature: - You can select which items you want to items that you wish to update.
The module has multi-language support for products, category, attributes and option names.
After import, new products can have status "Disabled" or quantity "zero"
You can also edit the price of imported products (fixed +/- or by percentage value)

We can provide a demo link upon request - leave a comment.
We provide 100% support.

For more complex XML structures we can provide a script to convert into processable file ($20 fee).

Preview basic XML structure and format here:


  1. Ranjeet Naiknavare

    (02.02.2017 13:38)

    Dear Team, Please provide me demo link for XML product feed import. This is urgent. I have contacted you from opencart marketplace too. Best Regards, Ranjeet Naiknavare.

  2. Aykut TUZCU

    (14.04.2016 15:14)

    This module to version opencart?

  3. Cagri Ari

    (06.11.2015 20:27)

    XML Import Pro BUG and FIX: Bug: Option value prices doesn't affect to product price. Fix: controller/model/tool/profi_import.php Line 1598 (//product_option_value_id + 2 lines) add to MySQL Insert query: , price_prefix='+' Sorry for bad english. Hope it helps.

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