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need to export all products in a structured XML format?

So this module is for you.

supports manual creation of XML feeds and automatic generation of example, each day using cron

(Cron is a daemon software, operating systems, which automatically triggers at a certain time or a command. process).

also choose what data you want to export, including translation such as the name / description of the product.

  • Manual export
  • Automatic / Regular export using cron
  • Choice of data to be exported
  • Export options / product options
  • Export attributes
  • Export files
  • Export prices / discounts (separately)
  • VQMod
  • Installation takes 1 minute max


  1. Silvia

    (12.12.2016 11:52)

    I would like to purchase the module. Can you please send me a payment link? Thanks!

  2. Stoyan Valev

    (10.06.2016 15:40)

    I would like to buy module OpenCart XML Export. Could you send me request for payment on my mail, please? Thanks!

  3. Pavels

    (25.02.2016 12:07)

    I would like to buy this module. Could you please send me request on my email?

  4. Ben

    (21.01.2015 20:06)

    Same request as wijncompleet (19.06.2014 00:00) but don't see any answer. [1] Is there a possibilty to send automatically the xml sheet to a ftp server linked to POS system (KingPOS) [2] Compatible with MijoShop or HikaShop for Joomla? Thanks & Regards,

  5. arun

    (20.01.2015 10:21)

    Hi, Is the xml link which is created using this extension is dynamic? I mean will newly added products will get updated in the same xml link or do i need to generate different xml everyday?

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