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Improve your search to your e-shop. Thanks to the whispers customer immediately see the results for the selected search phrase. The module can be reset at will (image size, number of results, css)

You can choose how many search results will be displayed, the length of the title and description of the product size image


  1. DEAWid

    (06.09.2014 00:00)

    @JonathanBray02: Please use

  2. bartek08

    (11.08.2014 00:00)

    i buyed this module, products in some search on the site seems to be $ 0.00, this product can not be found by clicking on the product, this product links ""
    can you see this error :

  3. Teknologz

    (15.04.2014 00:00)

    100% working module and excellent and quick support, I recommend DEAWid strongly

  4. petrik88

    (18.03.2014 00:00)

    I had a problem with installation of this extension, however quickly response and help from DEAWid solved my problem. Definitely recommend it.

  5. sahu.sumi

    (07.03.2014 00:00)

    I am completely agree with franklau. Best Extension Provider and Nice Service and Support offered by DEAWid. 5 star extensions.

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