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OpenCart MULTI Referral Module

OpenCart MULTI Referral Module

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  |  Author DEAWid  | Category: OpenCart Modules | 5 Comments

To increase sales and gain satisfied customers?

With this module you can from your shop to create a reference grid, through which you can improve your profits and your customers will be satisfied.

It\'s that simple. When registering, customers enter the reference ID link to another customer, who recommended to your shop.

Once the customer creates order, the user who recommended him gain profit.

Reference works referencing 1 to 10 levels.

The module is simple and clear installation and setup will take up to 3 minutes..

  • Easy installation - VQMod
  • 1-10 levels
  • The percentage or fixed profit
  • Optional or mandatory registration with the reference ID


  1. Vinay

    (21.09.2016 13:15)

    Where can i see a demo version and where to buy. I need it for open cart. kindly revert back

  2. clemo

    (11.08.2016 20:01)

    how to buy this?

  3. Kigef

    (06.03.2016 12:58)

    How to buy this module bro. Please let me know for mail

  4. sovan

    (01.02.2016 11:13)

    How to buy this module. i could not find any option to buy. please let me know!

  5. kartik busa

    (30.11.2015 13:05)

    Hello, I want to buy this extension for fresh version as well as old versions. It's suitable for all versions? Thank you.

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