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With this module you can easily export all orders to Excel!

You can choose what data you want to export, including translation for the name of the column.

The exported file is in "/download/NAME-AND-DATE-OF-EXCEL.xls"

Installation is very simple, just copy the files from the "upload" to the root of your shop..

  • Selection of items exported
  • Export by date from - to
  • Translated column names
  • Ease installation


  1. Lubos

    (10.11.2016 16:52)

    Zdravim. Chcem sa opytat, preco ste z modulu odstranili moznost filtrovat na zaklade statusu objednavky. Dakujem a s pozrdavom

  2. Jason

    (28.12.2014 20:03)

    This looks perfect! Two questions: 1 - Is it possible to have the file export as CSV versus XLS? The system that will be automatically importing the feed is looking for a CSV file format. 2 - Can this be configured and scheduled to run via a cron job, so that it posts a file to our FTP site every X minutes? Thanks! Jason

  3. dancinpony

    (02.10.2014 00:00)

    i needed my exported excel columns sorted differently. I contacted DEAWid and got an immediate response. now my client has the report the way they want it..
    thanks . . great extension. . .

  4. mantis

    (30.09.2014 00:00)

    @DEAWid: Thank you for your help and support. This module now working perfectly. Really is a great module and 5* after sales and customer support. Highly recommended.

  5. Lauren

    (25.09.2014 18:35)

    Hi, I am looking to do this on Version of OpenCart. Will the current version do so? I've already purchased on Opencart. Thanks for your help!

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