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Easy export products to Excel.

You can check own data what you want to export.

Export also supports the choice of translation for the name and description of the product, including the choice of currency.

Export file is saved in "download/NAME.xls"

  • Easy installation - VQMod
  • Own data to export
  • Choice of currency or translation for export


  1. Humberto Flores

    (27.11.2014 06:26)

    Hello. you can tell me how to install and charge my ftp but not aperce in my control panel as indicated by your images. Thanks, greetings.

  2. kolonist

    (30.09.2013 17:24)

    Thanks DEAWid for you very quick help with the small problem with exporting Dutch product names!

  3. cpuricelli

    (19.09.2013 11:27)

    Thank you DEAWid! It Works great!

  4. brunobld

    (08.09.2013 17:55)

    This extensions is really good. For a first time I got an error but the developer help until the error fixed. Awesome.

  5. djuanes

    (18.05.2013 00:00)


    I recently purchased your extension and it's working fine but it would be extremely useful, at least for me, to include a "price including tax" field.
    Could it be possible or could you tell me how to do it by myself?

    thank you

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