MULTI Referral Module

Chcete zvýšit prodejnost a získat spokojené zákazníky?

S tímto modulem můžete z Vašeho eshopu vytvořit referenční sít, díky které si můžete vylepšit zisky a Vaši zákazníci budou spokojeni.

Je to prosté. Při registraci zákazníci zadávají referenční ID odkazující na jiného zákazníka, který jej na Váš eshop doporučil.

Jakmile tento zákazník vytvoří objednávku, uživatel, který ho odporučil získá profit.

Referenční odkazování funguje od 1 do 10 levelů.

Modul je jednoduše přehledný a instalace a nastavení Vám zabere maximálně 3 minuty..

  • Snadná instalace - VQMod
  • Možnost 1-10 levelů
  • Procentuální nebo fixní profit
  • Povinná nebo volitelná registrace s referenčním ID


  1. juliakc 15.07.2019

    One more time, to make sure, Buyer gets % discount OFF when he buys with referrer's code, AND referrer gets % credited. correct? I don't see in admin settings anywhere how to setup % that Buyer gets at checkout.

    DEAWid 15.07.2019

    Module works like this:
    CustomerA register. Send link to someone .. someone register as customerB UNDER customerA with ref_id. When CustomerB make order and you approve it in admin then customerA get profit (%%% from customerB order totals). And when customerA have xxx on balance, he can pay from balance in order.

    That's all. I really hope you understand it now.

  2. juliakc 15.07.2019

    would you customize for extra fee for one page checkout in if I buy it install it and it doesn't work?

    DEAWid 15.07.2019

    Sorry, I have no capacity for new custom code works. Code is open, you can hire some programmer to do that..

  3. juliakc 15.07.2019

    Will it work with one page checkout? and is it ocmod?

    DEAWid 15.07.2019


  4. juliakc 15.07.2019

    Will it automatically give discount to referred buyer once he types in referrer's id at checkout?

    DEAWid 15.07.2019

    Yes - try demo !

  5. bhambani 01.05.2019

    By when is it planned to be available on OC 3.xx Seen from comments that many people have requested for this since more than 1 year. Thanks.

  6. pctechcomputers 06.04.2019

    Other few required changes are below,
    6- Option to allow for giving the referred customer a discount when they checkout and also to give the referral customer store credit or rewards points.
    7- Option to set time frame to allow till when referral customer will get rewarded anytime their referred customers make an order.
    8- Orders in the admin backend have also been upgraded to show who received a customer referral credit for an order and allow you to add/remove the credit from an order.
    9- New (referred) customers can get discount automatically if they use the same link as shared by the Referrer otherwise there should a an option to enter "Referral Code" manually if Referred customer is not coming on website through the link.
    Please reply here and also to my email id so that i can decide quickly.

  7. pctechcomputers 06.04.2019

    I am interested in this module but need some extra functionality, Please answer my questions.
    1-Does this module support sharing a product from Mobile Website ( If Browsing on Smartphone) and will it show share this product and earn referral bonus or Provide a Content Box on Product Detail Page in which we can write our customer message to site visitors to entice them share the product.
    2- Can it use mobile number as a referral code and if any Registered visitor shares the product then his mobile number should be used as a referral tracking id or any custom id as per the choice of referrer.
    3- can it show Share on WhatsApp if browsing on Smartphone ?
    4- Can it show multiple sharing options like Share on Twitter, Facebook, Email, Linkedin etc and referrer can choose any of them as per his choice and requirement.
    5- When will you release upgrade for Opencart 3.x

    Please reply here and also to my email id so that i can decide quickly.


  8. tappa31 05.03.2019

    Hi, Will this with work with Journal 2 theme and One page checkout? Also can you limit the times the new customer can use the discount to once?

  9. barnesk 31.08.2018

    Very good, but please upgrade to 3.X.

  10. k2jaguar66 10.08.2018

    i'm waiting an update for ver.3.x.x

  11. hsieh 05.07.2018

    Can the commission that generate by this extensions change with reward points?
    Thank you!

    DEAWid 05.07.2018

    No. Balance isn't reward point. It's custom value for each customer. Really try demo, you will know more.

  12. hsieh 04.07.2018

    Excuse me
    The commission generated is cash or bonus points?
    Thank you!

    DEAWid 04.07.2018

    No one .. it's called balance . It's new column in customer table.

  13. hsieh 04.07.2018

    Excuse me
    Where is the cash and bonus points selected?
    Thank you!

    DEAWid 04.07.2018

    Balance is in ref page in account.
    Can be used as payment method in order.
    Try demo ;)

  14. shivamvarshney 03.05.2018

    hi i have install this module to my website but referral id for insert collumn is not showing in register page.

  15. barnesk 28.03.2018

    Hello, when will you get an update to 3.x?

    DEAWid 30.03.2018

    Hope soon :) Can't give you exactly date.. sorry

  16. tunibibi 01.02.2018


    Is this module support OC mod?

    DEAWid 02.02.2018


  17. rlgsolution 14.10.2017

    Hi Deawid, When will be the version 3.x be out?

  18. Web Agency INFORMA 03.10.2017

    Hello, i'm interested to buy this module, but i need a quote for add some customizations. where we can talk about that?

    DEAWid 03.10.2017

    Just click to blue support button in module description.

  19. raikage 02.10.2017

    Hello, i'm interested to buy this module, but i need a quote for add some customizations. where we can talk about that?

    DEAWid 02.10.2017

    Just click to blue support button in module description.

  20. webonretail 27.09.2017

    I want to use this product in R.Gen theme opencart version This module is working fine in default theme but not showing in R.Gen Theme?? How to do it...??

    DEAWid 27.09.2017

    If you have problem, user support, not comments!
    Support page:


  21. mithtech 26.09.2017

    Awesome product, great support...... DEAWid resolves problems really fast.. Buy this module without a second thought.

    mithtech 26.09.2017

    Oh, and he doesn't charge for the after sales support

  22. mithtech 19.09.2017

    Will this work if im using Journal theme

    DEAWid 19.09.2017

    Probably yes ... you must try it .. if you have any problems, create ticket on my free support:

  23. Andy-Sparrow 19.09.2017

    Hello, Deawid.
    We woul like to have the following:
    Each customer should see the orders made by the referral of the first level in the account and e-mail. The customer shoul get all the information about the order (goods, quantity, price, article number).
    Is it possible?
    Thank you.

    DEAWid 19.09.2017

    Hello sorry, but no email notifications there .. All customers can see their referrals in account include their orders and profits.

  24. ceorain 18.09.2017

    Hello, does the extension work for opencart3?

    DEAWid 18.09.2017

    Hi, sorry, not yet. I have a lot of works to get all my extensions compatible with v3.x and this extension is one of last remainings :(

    If you are interest about this module for 3.x, leave comment Hope this week I rebuild it for oc 3.x


  25. salizam 16.09.2017

    Assume there are 3 tiers, Ref 1, Sub-ref 2 and Sub-ref 3.

    If Sub-ref 2 not active, and I decided to deactivate the account.

    Can I change Sub-ref 3 to move up to become Sub-ref 2 ?

    DEAWid 16.09.2017

    Yes, manually in admin - customer - edit .. there is ref_id.

  26. weblack 24.08.2017

    I am interested in this module.
    So I have a question.

    1. Do currencies correspond to yen?
    2. If the customer wishes to cancel from the customer, is the point given to the introducer automatically deleted?

    I am happy to hear from you.

    DEAWid 24.08.2017

    Only main currency and second point - you can remove ref_id in admin for any customers.

  27. kamaumaina 07.08.2017

    Helloo Daewid,
    1. how soon will you update to
    2.are referral links shared to twitter, facebook etc directly or is a copy paste?

    DEAWid 07.08.2017

    Update soon.. have a lot of works with update all my modules ..
    Ref link you can add whatever in tpl file.

  28. Ranjeet_BrandBag 07.04.2017

    Hello Deawid,
    Will this module support to affiliate business? I meant If i have referral balance in my account I want purchase a products on our partners sites, is it possible to spend my balance amount there?

    Ranjeet_BrandBag 07.04.2017

    Also, please confirm that can balance from my account can be transferred to bank or any other payment gateway?

  29. DEAWid 07.03.2017

    1. ref code = customer_id
    2. yes, to custoemr balance - no to reward points. also you must approve order in admin .. unfer order status is checkbox to give provfit.
    3. the same question as 2. ... so read 2 again.
    4. you can user banace as payment method in checkout. if order total is <= balance, then you will see that option . if balance is less then order total, it's hidden.

    Sorry, but all this 4 questions you can try in demo.

  30. kaushikpappu 07.03.2017

    Please reply my comment if my requirements are available in your extension.

  31. kaushikpappu 07.03.2017

    I am using journal2 theme on a stable opencart version & using INR as default currency:-
    1> Who is registering with the system will be provided with an unique auto generated 10-16 digit hexadecimal referral code.
    2> When a new 'B 'signing up with 'A's referral code and makes an successful order, A will be provided with a fixed reward point which will be stored and saved in the database.
    3> When a new 'C 'signing up with 'A's referral code and makes an successful order, A will be provided with a fixed reward point which will be stored and saved in the database.
    4> Reporting section for all referral purchases and reward points. The reward points will be used to purchase a new product from the store later.

  32. adminlpgn 07.02.2017

    hi sir, how about my support ticket "102620"

    DEAWid 07.02.2017

    I reply 3 days ago !

  33. wowcart 07.02.2017

    i want just one more function as category or cutomer group

  34. DEAWid 07.01.2017

    Hi adminlpgn,
    please try it again. I reinstall demo few minutes ago


  35. adminlpgn 07.01.2017

    i tried you demo web, oc 2.2, i get an error while registered new customer, Notice: Undefined index: referrer_ref_compulsory_reg in /home/html/ on line 17

  36. DEAWid 07.01.2017

    Hi adminlpgn,
    if you have problem with theme (ref input in registration or something else), then you can use my free support


  37. adminlpgn 07.01.2017

    Is your module work with custom theme? I use Lexus Micmart themes, OC engine is 2.2, thank you

  38. kefeng 07.10.2016

    Hi there, not sure why but I have looked everywhere just can't find your reply to my ticket. Could you reply again please. thanks.

  39. DEAWid 07.10.2016

    @kefeng: Yesterday I reply to all tickets already... Look at your ticket on my page.

  40. kefeng 07.10.2016

    Hi there, please reply my questions submitted on 20 Oct, thanks.

  41. DEAWid 07.10.2016

    @irfanch: You should see referral link in account detail and in registration you should see ref_id input.
    Look to demo.
    If you have problems, use


  42. irfanch 07.10.2016


    I have purchased the module, installed, configured and enabled it. But what do i need to next. How does it work. How do I let the customers know about it?? How can the customers easily get a referral link?? Please guide.

  43. kefeng 07.10.2016

    Hi there, does the module -
    1. support multi stores so that each store owner can see its own referrals, but can not see other store's referrals?
    2. support multi language?
    3. is it possible that the system/module can generate a unique special link or QRcode for each referral/sub referral so that there is no need to submit referral ID?

  44. DEAWid 07.10.2016

    @waheedwr: Hi, I already reply to you few minutes ago.

  45. waheedwr 07.10.2016


    step 1:
    Cutomer (A) has signed up with no refferal id:

    step 2:
    Now customer (A) has published his link on facebook and his friend Customer (B) used that link to signed up and placed his order of $20.

    ----------------------Below Not Working with me-----------
    Step 3:
    Email Notifications:

    Customer (A) should get email that conragulations Customer B has Signed up under him.

    You got commision from customer B worth of e.g $2.00.
    step 4 :
    Customer A now can use this $2.00 commission to place an order with us.
    but its not working.

  46. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    Hi guys,
    module is now compatible with latest OpenCart version

    Enjoy ! =)

  47. HRIESMAN MBC 07.09.2016


    Thank you so much for your support ticket and helping me solved my problem, now i can use this great module for my online shop. With this module the store can increase customer & transaction in my online shop.

    i recommended to use this great module in your online shop. and if any problem just use support ticket at to solve the problem, it proved.

  48. ooberstick 07.09.2016

    Bought today, found a hiccup, sent an email, as soon as the developer read it, he remotely fixed it for me & explained how to proceed, how can I fault that service?

    A* service from an A* developer who prides on customer service.

    Kind regards

  49. nguyenmhb 07.09.2016


    Admin can assign referrals to any customers in admin section?


  50. webonretail 07.09.2016


    Case1: Is it possible, if someone enters wrong ref id: then the system shows an error: please enter correct ref id or enter 0 if you don't have correct referrer id..??

    Case3: Will you help us in integrating into that theme or do you have documentation which suggest us which files we need to edit...


  51. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @webonretail: Hi:
    1. if someone insert incorect ref id it's zero - yes, because imagine this situation: your latest customer have id 2655
    and if someone register and set 2656, he referrer to himself .. so for that it's zero.
    2. in admin - customer - edit .. there you see customer's referral id
    3. you must try it..

  52. webonretail 07.09.2016


    I am interested in your extension; just have few queries:

    1. If someone enters wrong referral id then why it is mapped to ZERO??
    2. Where should i see the report of all refereed members?
    3. Whether your module can be integrated in R.Gen Theme..??

    Awaiting revert;

  53. maddymadhu 07.09.2016

    i purchased this plugin and activated in my opencart website, but changes are not reflecting, i had properly uploaded the files and activated through admin. In registration page i didnt get referral input box and in my account also. Please give me a possible solution for it.
    Website URL:

    Thank you!

  54. aldeberik 07.09.2016

    Saludos compre la extensión, pero no puedo configurarlo, estoy trabajando con la version Donde puedo obtener ayuda. gracias.

    Greetings buy the extension, but I can not configure it , I'm working with version . Where I can get help . Thank you.

  55. GGC 07.09.2016


    Looks nice the referrer program BUT I have very specific products, meaning I have 8 key products and each has a different fixed commission level. (i.e: Product 1 is 10%, Product 2 is 5% etc). How will this system of different commisison levels work using your system.

  56. one23 07.09.2016

    is support latest Opencart v2.1.0.1?

  57. DEAWid 07.09.2015


    You must have at least the same total in your balance as total of your cart ..

    Cart: 1000,-
    Balance at least 1000,-

    If you have less then cart total, this method isn't displayed.

  58. frescodesign 07.09.2015

    How to use the commission when checkout? i can't see it in your demo site.

  59. Marinano 07.09.2015

    Thank you Deawid for solving my problem with lightning speed!

  60. swaroopkgowda 07.09.2015

    awesome product and awesome services by the author ( each query answered like Jet) ...

  61. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    @cotracnigeria: Hello, please use

    Thank You

  62. cotracnigeria 07.09.2014

    Good morning. Please the module installed successfully. I have installed and filled all the options but still the referrer ID option isn't showing when new customers register. (

  63. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    @anusachu: Hello, please use I can help you there.. Thank You

  64. anusachu 07.09.2014

    hello sir , i did't find pay from balance option in check out page ..according to your screenshot 3

    please reply asap..

    thank you

  65. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    @MeatBuddy: Thanks for comment. Referral ID is customer ID, so it's not possible write there some another number or string.. It's linked in registration, order and admin. I'm not planning add this feature.. Anyway thanks

  66. MeatBuddy 07.09.2014

    This extension looks awesome. I will be purchasing it after I look deeper into it. Is there a way for customers to select their own referral ID instead of the incremented numbers? If not is that a feature you can add?

  67. nteractive 07.09.2014

    Great module! Had an issue that caused the referrers page to be blank, the author worked to fix the issue quickly. Thanks for the support!

  68. cassiemessie 07.09.2014

    Hi, @deawid is very helpful to all queries and much thanks to him for without his help I would be at a loss. Thanks again and cheers.

  69. johanlimm 07.09.2014

    Okay, after almost 2 hours of work, he finally integrated his Multi Referrals Module with our theme. Keep up the good work, and many thanks!

  70. iluiber 07.09.2014

    Great support! Great module! and great price!! Thanks a lot!!

  71. Parasrai 07.09.2014

    Great module works really well, good support from DEAWid helped at many times with quick support. Recommend this module to those who want to increase their sales!


  72. kdconnects 07.09.2014

    lightening support from deawid and thanks deawid.
    its really greater help.

  73. kdconnects 07.09.2014

    @DEAWid: please can your help me with document about how to configure MRM (malti referral module).

    i am not able to use this module. help me please this is very IMP; i am stucked.

  74. conceptlive1 07.09.2013

    Hello I wonder if I can use the mode of reference to affiliate, or the affiliate earns a percentage indicates by another affiliate, I'm from Brazil

  75. andre.lourenco 07.09.2013

    @DEAWid: Hi, is it possible to give XX points or money for each product a costumer buys? If the reward is one dollar and the customer buys 10 products he will receive 10 dollars. And can the administrator resets the earn data for a specific user? If the user has 45 dollars to receive, the shop administrator pays the 45 (bank transfer or whatever) dollars and resets the money to receive to zero.

  76. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    This module works with registrations .. no user group ..


  77. hello_iran 07.09.2013

    whats level does? whats mean level 8?
    i want give individual profit for customer group or some customer
    for example:
    default group: 5% profit
    wholesale group: 10% profit
    VIP group: 15% profit
    is it possible with your module?

  78. Nalin 07.09.2013

    Hey ,

    I have used this module for a very heavy client and it performed very well. Everybody is highly impressed with the performance of this module. Great module to track the referral comission and highly scalable.I have received valuable support from the developer; DEAWID from time to time where ever I got stuck. Thanks DEAWid for your valuable support and technical expertise provided.

    Hasta La Vista.

  79. xucngo 07.09.2013

    This module is just what I need, but!

    * Referral ID: If you aren't invited, enter "0"
    is shit, why do they want to input 0?? why cat it be just empty, and checked in controller?

    I dont like ids being customer numbers, can it be something special? like a 5 digit code or simular?

    Why cant you input referal code on checkout page? it throws and error by th way..

    There also should be more statistics in customer page

  80. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    404 I can't see..
    here is everything ok :)
    (1) no email .. only registration ond sponsor see all referrals on his account page/referrer
    (2) yes this is possible, but If you want I can create to you for a little charge..

  81. paisleybay 07.09.2013

    Hi DEAWid

    I am interested in this module - but while it is clear from your backend admin demo, how to set profits for different levels, the front end demo URL is giving 404 error!
    (1) Not sure how the front end works, that is, is there a referral email form which customers send to prospective new customers (referees)? If yes, is the Sponsor ID generated auto & sent to referee in email?
    (2) Is it also possible to credit smaller number of points (profit) if referees, if they just register & don't buy yet?
    Thanks, in advance, for your reply.

  82. dazrean 07.09.2013

    Hi all,

    Of all the people I bought modules/extension/template from on the internet, I find Mr. DEAWid is very skillful, helpful and supportive. The support he had given me via SKYPE was excellent! What had taken me the whole day to figure out, took only minutes for him to fix. Now my site is running well. Thank a lot man :)


  83. dazrean 07.09.2013


    I just purchased your module yesterday and have a fresh installation, Unfortunately, I cant see the referral ID in the account creation. Am i missing something here? I'm running on v1.5.4

  84. rupeshkagu 07.09.2013

    @DEAWid: thx

  85. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    @rupeshkagu: just click to your eshop version

  86. rupeshkagu 07.09.2013

    i have purchased this plugin 4 day back but i still not receive download link please suggest me

  87. rockrahul 07.09.2013

    Hi DEAWid,

    I’d like to discuss with you if you can develop a "request payout" feature for this module. For example if a user reaches $50 then he/she should be able to request for the payout. Let me know how we can discuss about this.

  88. retelcz 07.09.2013

    Zdravím, koupili jsme tvůj modul a jsme spokojeno, vše je téměř v pohodě, jen logika výpočtů provizí je trochu jiná, než bychom potřebovali. Bylo by možné se nějak domluvit, že byste s tím nejspíš neměl takový problém, jelikož je to vaše práce, nám by to trvalo spoustu hodin. Zdarma to samozřejmě nechceme. Bylo by to podle pravidel, podle kterých funguje spousta multilevelových společností.

    Pokud můžete, tak se prosím ozvěte na tomasocadly(a) a už se nějak domluvíme. Díky

  89. rafola 07.09.2013

    hello, please send this coupon to the customer automatically ?
    I mean I do not have to go into the control panel for the extension to work, it is all automatic.
    or I have to be aware of something, to run the extension, thank you very much

  90. the_raven 07.09.2013

    I want a module to do this action : when somone sign in to my shop with a referal ID or referral user name ,Thereafter for evry shop that the new user do ,the referrer gain X % of new user Shop's.just for 1 level . is this module do this operation ?
    please contact me with
    Thanks & Regard.

  91. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    upload the "UPLOAD" folder - that's files for this module ... and I recommend you manual install .. If you need help, contact me on skype deawid000 or email .. not here please

  92. boonq 07.09.2013

    my website is have a lot of own module. do i need to hand edit or just upload the UPLOAD folder?
    which one is btter?

  93. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    @boonq: deawid000 = skype

  94. boonq 07.09.2013

    Hi DEA,

    actually i just bought your extension, and i need some customize functions
    How do you go about it?

  95. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    if i'm a new user registering, will i get an AGENT ID? -> yes- ID is customer_id -> for all customers special
    and when i ask my underline register, how do i let them know what my ID is? -> you've got your "reflink" on you account detail -> .. something like this :)

  96. boonq 07.09.2013

    Hi DEA,

    just wondering, if this thing work?

    if i'm a new user registering, will i get an AGENT ID?
    and when i ask my underline register, how do i let them know what my ID is?

  97. ms662412 07.09.2013

    Having some issues with a clean install Open registration, you'll see the error. This is a test site to get it to work. It's currently not working at which is what the module was purchased for. It's not establishing the referral id in the database and likely not working at all other than displaying the fields without errors.

  98. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    Hello, you must copy files from catalog/language/english to catalog/language/yourlang .... and translate it ... + admin/language .. the same ...

  99. isourceltda 07.09.2013

    I need change the language for this, how to??

  100. DooooT 07.09.2013

    A Great support with full understanding of all the points that i request from him without heating to do them...

    I really like this Module as well as the great support from the developer ...

    I really wish you great future with coding DEAWid :)

    Thanks alot

  101. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    thanks for buy ... If you want this for your template, just rewrite and upload to your theme files that belong to a "theme / default" .. I can help you with this... contact me on skype: deawid000

  102. DancestoreMexico 07.09.2013

    i purchase you module, but i wonder if this works with other template than the default? I ask you this because i can´t see the module like the images, would you please help. thanks

  103. DEAWid 07.09.2012

    @paketero: Hello and sorry for late .. Today I create new version of this module. You can see all on demo site. And for you I try on - I added this version to download.


  104. imageproz 07.09.2012

    I would like to know if you have or can create an extension for opencart v that will allow customers to create a code that they can share with friends for discounts to the shop.

    What I need.
    1. Customer ability to create a code and share to up to 10 friends
    2. Code will give customer % or Fixed amount off their order set by admin.
    3. Code to work as an additional discount if it is their third order in addition to coupon codes
    4. Code name to show up in totals as “Group Discounts”
    5. Track Sales with Group Discounts

    Please let me know if this can be done and how much it will cost to create. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.
    you can email me at

  105. paketero 07.09.2012

    Does this would work on opencart

  106. Benny 07.09.2012

    Hi DEAWid,
    Can I see your demo admin side ? I find no referral commission or balance transaction record or report on the admin side for each individual referrers. So how do admin track each individual or customer group referral or total referral record commission balance - for cash payout, exchange for reward points or later product purchase ?. No Admin Sales Report to show customer purchase amount with nett amount balance after less commission amount payout , On referrer side, it should show profit balance with detail like from which downline referrers or referral ID. How to delete the blacklist customer or replace by other customer referrer without affecting other customer transaction profit balance record - (need admin record for tracking )? No email record send to the customer upline referrers for transaction taken place. It should have flexible referral profit plan for certain group of customers like retail group A, B, C,etc but not for D, E, etc or wholesaler .

  107. DEAWid 07.09.2012

    EDITED: multi-level referrers, choice if fixed or percentuage profit, set min order price for profit :)

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