Multi Discount Pack

Potřebujete nastavit slevy pro:

  • všechny produkty
  • kategorie
  • výrobce
  • zákaznické skupiny

S tímto modulem můžete nastavit vždy jednu vybranou variantu slevy.

Je to jednoduché! Stačí jen zvolit typ slevy a nastavit podrobnosti.

Modul také podporuje "časovač" slevy, takže stačí nastavit jen datum OD-DO, a po vypršení času se sleva automaticky deaktivuje.


Modul je jednoduše přehledný a instalace a nastavení Vám zabere maximálně 3 minuty..


  1. solo1465 19.05.2020

    your demo website can't to try ,please check it. thanks

    DEAWid 19.05.2020

    What exactly doesn't works in demo ?

  2. ZPAS-SA 12.05.2020

    Now, Your module working with Journal 3?

  3. 15.04.2020

    Hi! Is it module show discounted price in a Product Catalog or/and in a shopping cart? Is it multi-languages?

    DEAWid 15.04.2020

    Try demo please... then ask.

  4. gcmorris 01.03.2020

    No readme or instructions of any kind. Not what I would expect.

    DEAWid 01.03.2020

    Then refound it .. if you can't copy files to root of your opencart... simply refound it.

  5. kabirk 22.02.2020

    for 2.2x journal theme ?

    DEAWid 22.02.2020


  6. deadfloppy 11.12.2019

    Hello, i just checked your demo for 2.x and it looks that the group customer discount applies only in the product page. When you add the product in the cart the price is the normal one.

    I am doing something wrong? Im looking to add global discount to user groups only.

    DEAWid 12.12.2019

    If you have problem, please use my free support on

  7. roxan limited 05.12.2019

    I cannot find my zip file to upload my extensions PLEASE HELP!

  8. mpiper 28.11.2019

    Does your module works on 3rd templates ? I use opencart and third party template

    DEAWid 28.11.2019

    Don't know .. you must try that. Have a nice day.

  9. gearupadmin 16.11.2019

    Is this module compatible with Journal 2 theme?

    DEAWid 16.11.2019

    You must try that. I can't test it on each themes on the world...
    If you purchase it and have a problem, simply use my free support on and I help you.


  10. muglali 02.11.2019

    When I Upload the Module to the Site
    Multi Discount Pack first init success. Please refresh..
    gives the error
    Do you help then gives site 500 error

    DEAWid 02.11.2019

    If you have problem with extension, simply create ticket on .. I really can't help you here in comment.

    Thanks for understand !

  11. muglali 02.11.2019

    Does this module work on Journal 3?

    DEAWid 02.11.2019


  12. legitdev 14.08.2019

    Hi, I'm interested in your "MULTI Discount Pack" but your demo isn't working. Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thank you

    DEAWid 14.08.2019

    Try demo now please. Thanks

  13. sergio1987 13.03.2019

    how to delete extenstion from opencart 3? i received error 500 on frontend

    DEAWid 13.03.2019

    If you want remove it, simply delete all module files.
    If you want fix it, create ticket on


  14. twdre 24.01.2019

    Is this working with Jounal 3 template

    DEAWid 24.01.2019

    No. Journal have own controller and model files - My extension works only with opencart files.

  15. SFSF99 23.01.2019


    Why not ocmod in OC3 ?
    I have to translate now and you sold so many copies ?

    I thought no VQMOD anymore in OC3, sometimes it goes wrong mixed ..

    DEAWid 23.01.2019

    Vqmod is better to solve customer problems !

  16. MMKB 13.01.2019

    I installed the module but did not go to the category page,
    on the product page goes pe


    DEAWid 13.01.2019

    If you have problem please use my free support:

  17. henry000 09.10.2018

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method Cart\Cart::getMultiDiscountPrice() in ***/vqcache/vq2-storage_modification_system_library_cart_cart.php on line 104

    henry000 09.10.2018

    oc3,have problem.please help me.

    henry 09.10.2018

    I test on opencart3.0, prodcuts has discount, but when i add it to cart,the price is not discount. why??

  18. ibrahim_130 03.10.2018


    I have a question. can you forward mail address


    DEAWid 03.10.2018

    I reply - not possible with my extension, sorry

  19. leonelborges 02.10.2018

    Running on Journal3?

    DEAWid 02.10.2018


  20. Ty Campbell 25.09.2018

    Module does exactly what I need it to and the support for a small issue was prompt! Definitely recommend this module.

  21. allen1805 10.09.2018

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method Cart\Cart::getMultiDiscountPrice() in XXXXXXXX\vqmod\vqcache\vq2-system_library_cart_cart.php on line 247

    DEAWid 10.09.2018

    If you have problems, use support page, not comments !

    Thanks !

  22. freetimeinfo 09.09.2018

    You should add an option/button to reset settings.

    For example if you enable Total discount, you can`t disable from module even if you uninstal module and reinstall. You need to delete value from database.

    DEAWid 09.09.2018

    Don't know what you mean. If you have problems, use support page, not comments !

    Thanks !

  23. kabirk 22.08.2018

    Let me know , if i have a product price is 200 product with option value which is 20 more than the the base price and discount is 10% then the option discounted price will be 198 not 200 as default in opencart.

    DEAWid 22.08.2018

    Please, try demo. You can edit products and discount as you wish..... you must try it yourself if module is what you are looking for.
    Thanks for understand.

  24. kabirk 22.08.2018

    is this compatible for journal theme oc2.3X?

    DEAWid 22.08.2018


  25. xxvirusxx 30.07.2018

    You should add an option/button to reset settings.

    For example if you enable Total discount, you can`t disable from module even if you uninstal module and reinstall. You need to delete value from database.

    DEAWid 30.07.2018

    Don't know what you mean. If you have problems, use support page, not comments !

    Thanks !

  26. gorane 26.07.2018

    Do you can add "Quantity" in "Category Discount"?

    DEAWid 26.07.2018

    No. Sorry.

  27. jhuang5555 12.07.2018

    I went to your demo admin page to try it out but can't find a feature where I can just set the discount for certain products and their option values without choosing the Category, Manugacture, or Customer Group. If your module has such function to set percentage discounts based on the products that you select and their option prices, can you explain for me to try it?

    Thank you.

    DEAWid 12.07.2018

    You can set discount types:
    - category discount
    - manufacturer discount
    - total discount
    - customer group discount

    one of that .
    Can't only selected products.

  28. eddiejulie 29.06.2018

    Purchased this a while back....took a bit, but I made it work for my needs to by setting a special price and then letting the extension just discount the options. All worked fine...web host (not my site) was hacked....lost everything and had to reinstall. Just getting back to making this work and I have encountered a problem. If I set the special price and then say discount options but not special price....if the option menus, the price goes down a $3 option now shows as $1.50...but if I select that option the price of $74.99 goes to $77.99...not adding correctly. I even tried removing the special reduces the item, but not the option in the full price. If I turn on specials, it reduces the base price, but still not the option. Please contact me to try to get this fixed....

    DEAWid 29.06.2018

    If you need help, please create ticket on my free support


  29. bonny3 08.05.2018

    Excellent extension!
    I needed some changes and the developer helped me.

  30. select 07.05.2018

    The multi discount module is really very good and works very well, in oc2,2.
    Exist a small problem with the installation but solve the same day, the support is very good.

  31. qaiyumohamed 03.05.2018

    hi, please check support, urgent. After installation, have problem with Notice: Undefined variable: ModelDiscount
    Fatal error: Call to a member function getMultiDiscountPrice() on null

  32. johnslsbr 02.05.2018

    Just purchased this, but my account says awaiting proof of purchase. Is there something I am supposed to do?

    DEAWid 02.05.2018

    Yes, create ticket on opencart support forum.
    I can't help you with this here :(
    Someone from opencart team must approve your order.

  33. bonny3 02.05.2018

    Hi Deawid,
    I installed Muti Discont Pack but some errors are blocked with my site,
    I've opened a ticket 1791 for you but I have not received an answer yet.
    can you please solve my problem?
    Best Regards

    DEAWid 02.05.2018

    Hi, yesterday was in my country holidays, so I wasn't on my PC.
    In few minutes I look to all tickets on my support.


  34. crom 20.04.2018

    Hello, does your module display a total at the cart (amount saved/discount total)?

    DEAWid 20.04.2018


  35. rajesh1811 30.03.2018

    Good module and excellent support!
    Had few issues while installing but they supported well and rectified all issues. Would definitely recommend this module especially for their great support.

  36. Stacey1128 28.03.2018

    Bought only to find no ocmod installation, can you give a ocmod XML

    DEAWid 30.03.2018

    Only vqmod for v1.5.x - 3.x now. In future I rebuild it to ocmod..
    Install vqmod on 3.x - and will works.


  37. bass 22.03.2018

    I have a issue with you module: I have a issue with you module:

    DEAWid 22.03.2018

    Can't help you here.. create ticket on support page:

  38. Chip22 19.02.2018

    Dobrý den,
    mám problém s modulem. Funguje jen občas. Vytvářel jsem i formulář pro support, avšak bez odezvy.

    DEAWid 19.02.2018

    A kde jste to vytvářel?
    Na nic nevidím..

  39. al_13 05.02.2018

    Hi, is it possible to simultaneously apply discounts by category and by manufacturer?

    DEAWid 05.02.2018


  40. webshop360 22.01.2018

    I just purchased this module and discovered that the discount "Customer group discount" is for the full store and i can't limit it to just one category for this Customer group.æ Is that correct?

  41. andra345 18.01.2018

    it would be good if included quantity discount range. eg; buy item 10-19 discount 10%, 20-29 discount 20%, etc

  42. atlantius 17.01.2018

    The support is outstanding and the plugin itself is just great. The only one that can make variable products percentage discounts. I recommend it to everyone!

  43. Lyudmil Yordanov 17.01.2018

    The support is outstanding and the plugin itself is just great. The only one that can make variable products percentage discounts. I recommend it to everyone!

  44. W360 17.01.2018

    I just purchased this module and discovered that the discount "Customer group discount" is for the full store and i can't limit it to just one category for this Customer group.æ Is that correct?

  45. narmontase 12.01.2018

    Nice module and awesome support.
    After 11 months of usage I had a problem and DEAWid immediately fixed it.
    Than you :)

  46. DEAWid 09.12.2017

    Yes, exactly - you need buy it to try.

  47. tomeda 09.12.2017

    is this module going to work with Journal theme?
    Also as I have setup free shipping based on order totals, will your module work correctly, as I have some experience with other discount modules and sometime the free shipping is applied on orders lower than the set amount, because somehow the discount is not included in that calculation!

    DEAWid 09.12.2017

    You must try it .. I don't know that free shipping module.
    Journal works without problems... Simpy try it.

  48. brogy 01.12.2017

    Is there a OCmod version? Also for group discounts are the all the items displayed with the discounted price when logged in or is the discount showing in the cart?

  49. iage 30.11.2017

    Hello, does this extension work with Mijoshop 3 (Opencart integrated into Joomla 3.x)?

    DEAWid 30.11.2017

    Should works. If you have any problems in Mijoshop, use my free support on

  50. smokelight 25.11.2017

    last thing i need to give discount to a only one category but i need to work only with 1 customer group i can do it ?

    DEAWid 25.11.2017

    No, you can use only ONE type at the same moment. You CAN'T COMBINE that..

  51. smokelight 23.11.2017

    hello im about to buy this just need to know it will work with Journal Theme i use please let me know

    DEAWid 23.11.2017

    Must works. If not, use my free support on

  52. mayursutariya93 22.11.2017

    Hello, I purchase this module but after install getting this error : Fatal error: Call to undefined method Cart\Cart::getMultiDiscountPrice()

    DEAWid 22.11.2017

    Hi. if you have any problems, please use my free support on


  53. fxpatrizio 10.11.2017

    Hello, I purchased the "MULTI Discount Pack" module, in date 18/10/2017, invoice # INV909536.
    But when I active it, the prices are all without VAT tax. Why? How can I fix this great problem?
    Thank you

    Kind regards


    DEAWid 10.11.2017

    Hi. This extension work like special price in opencart default. Discount is apply to product price without tax.

  54. 360South 30.10.2017

    Hello, could you please let me know whether this would allow for a discount to be added if a user has 10 or more items in their cart? (It doesn't matter how many of each product make up the 10 items), from a specific manufacturer? The discount is buy (any) 10 cartons, get 10% off.

    DEAWid 30.10.2017

    No, this is not possible with my extension.

  55. taymoor 03.10.2017

    the support is very delightful and the exrinsion very usefull all promotion you can do with it

  56. Lapashe 28.09.2017

    Excellent module, works perfectly.
    I had one small issue and asked for support. I got a response to say that the problem had been fixed within 5 minutes!
    This guy is very good and very, very responsive.
    Don't hesitate to get this module if you need the functionality it offers.

  57. thecobe 27.09.2017

    does it possible to create a discount for user group in one category ?

    DEAWid 27.09.2017

    Hi, sorry, only one type at the same time. You can't combine discounts.

  58. blackdesignstyle 26.09.2017

    Hi, I have pre-sale question.
    For Example; I Have a product with price 1.000 USD.
    I have a sales tax about %7.75.
    I want to appy total order based discount about %10 off over 350 USD.


    Calculate must below; (Example 1)
    1.000 USD Product Price
    100 USD (%10 Discount)
    900 USD (Subtotal)
    69,75 USD (%7.75 Sales Tax)
    Grand Total: 969,75 USD.

    I have a free extension with calculate below; (Example 2)
    1.000 USD Product Price
    100 USD (%10 Discount)
    1.000 USD (Subtotal)
    77,75 USD (%7.75 Sales Tax)
    Grand Total: 975,75 USD.

    What will your extension calculate the total from example 1 or 2?

    Thank you.

    DEAWid 26.09.2017

    My price works like regular special price on opencart. That means discount is only for price without tax. That's not like discount of total price or tax...

    Please try demo and make couple tests to understand it better :)


  59. Randy13 17.09.2017

    the discount price will it update in front end product page en cart/checkout page?
    or in cart/checkout only?
    or can i use both ?

    DEAWid 17.09.2017

    Discount will be at category, search, checkout, cart, product detail, and on module latest products for example :)

  60. thevoicepoint 13.09.2017

    Hi. We would like to do mix and match discounts on an Opencart 3 site that is running Journal. For example if a customer wants to buy 5 products that are priced £5 each, the mix and match amount will be £20 (a discount of £5). Will this extension do this?

    DEAWid 13.09.2017

    No, sorry.. not with this extension

  61. eddiejulie 10.09.2017

    I have products that offer numerous options that change the price. The current system does not allow me to offer a discount on these options, just the base price of the unit. Does this extension allow me to offer a discount on options in a product? Discounts for items differ, so I need to be able to set the price of just the item as well.

    DEAWid 10.09.2017

    Hi. you can set for example -10% discount for product (include /or not product options)
    Try demo

  62. Admin1986 06.09.2017

    Morning! Can i ask you something please? this module working for the single product?

    DEAWid 06.09.2017

    Hi, this extension works for all selected product ... If you set discount for single category, then all products in that category have discount price.

  63. wildhorse 24.08.2017

    Great product and really fast support, clear and nice administration. Thank you DEAWid!

  64. goncalocabral 17.08.2017

    vqmod is required?
    thanks in advance

    DEAWid 17.08.2017


  65. sd_mannequins 17.08.2017

    hi, can you help for the installation?

    DEAWid 17.08.2017

    If you have any problems, please create ticket on

  66. sjrh43 07.08.2017

    Hi great product but the discounts do not seem to be showing when the product is displayed on the hone page, although they show on the product page when you click through.

    DEAWid 07.08.2017

    If you have any problems, create ticket on

  67. joseandjm 07.08.2017

    How can i see the product special with your plugin in special section??

    DEAWid 07.08.2017

    You can't, because special prices are not saved in database.. It's calculated online.

  68. kostas.sarris 07.07.2017

    Can i add the customer group on Manufacturer discount ?

    DEAWid 07.07.2017

    No, only one type of discount. You can't combine discounts.

  69. robbrich 07.07.2017

    will this allow me to create a discount that allows buy one get one of equal or lesser value for -50%? and have it apply to a category?


    DEAWid 07.07.2017


  70. darkhack 07.07.2017

    I would like to set special prices to specific customer group but based on specific categories , so there are two factors here affect the price.
    Plz email e back

    DEAWid 07.07.2017

    You can apply only one discount type .. you can't combine that

  71. duslerweb 07.07.2017


    How can I resolve a KVID problem when I make a fixed amount of HOPE?

    I make a $ 10 fixed discount, but it's 80 cents different

    DEAWid 07.07.2017

    Maybe you have tax class on your eshop?
    All special prices are apply only to prce without tax.

  72. Vasil Chobanov 07.06.2017


    I find your plugin to be exactly what I need for my website, but I just need to confirm a few things:

    1. After I set the discounts for categories/manufactures/etc. will it apply for all options of the products themselves ?

    2. Is the discount on products going to be visible immediately on product grid/product page/etc. or customer has to proceed to checkout to confirm he's got it ?

    Let me know at your first convenience.

    DEAWid 07.06.2017

    Discount is apply immediately, and you can apply only one discount type at the same time .. you can't combine that.

  73. szraksy 07.05.2017

    I'm using version I installed the module discount price is working but when I put the product to cart then it is calculation the original price(without discount) any one have the same issue?

    DEAWid 07.05.2017

    If you have any problems, please create ticket here:


  74. Veselushko 07.05.2017

    Great extension and the best support ever provided by opencart extension developer!

    Keep the good work!

  75. UAB-ERVIT 07.04.2017

    can make by language ?

    DEAWid 07.04.2017

    Noup. No discount by language ..

  76. DEAWid 07.04.2017

    There is option to skip special prices...
    Look to left side and first tab.

  77. mkbashammakh 07.04.2017

    if i make a discount by customer group, and need to make some items not illegible for discount; is there option for that?

    for example: make 20% on Customer Group (Dealer) and i have some items i don't want this group to have discount on.


  78. zorlus 07.04.2017

    Hello again, Having installed the extension on with vqmod. After refreshing modifications the website went into ERROR 500. I am stuck . can you please advise how I can roll back this installation with file manager? or do I need to edit the database as I. cannot access neither admin nor the front end.

    zorlus 07.04.2017

    I fixed it. nvm

  79. zorlus 07.04.2017


    I installed the vqmod version with a success but I cannot find the module settings anywhere. Can you please advise what might have gone wrong?

  80. bonny3 07.04.2017

    I Opened a ticket on 24 03 2017 and I have not a your reply.
    I waiting...

  81. OxMedya 07.03.2017

    DEAWid help ???

    DEAWid 07.03.2017


  82. OxMedya 07.03.2017

    It is not a customer group :(

    DEAWid 07.03.2017

    And exactly your problem?

  83. Davids.NTG 07.02.2017

    Hi! Is your module compatible with iSense modules from OpenPack? If you are not sure, will you provide support to make it compatible?

    DEAWid 07.02.2017

    Hard to say. You must try it. Free support is only for install and settings.

  84. narmontase 07.02.2017

    Module works perfectly.
    At begining i had some problem, but got fast support and now everything works :)
    Thanks DEAWid :)

  85. DEAWid 07.01.2017

    youo are welcome.. probably not works together as you say-

  86. OpenCartUY 07.01.2017

    Thanks DEAWid,

    I think they do not work together.

    OpenStock manages prices for each variation (combination of options).

  87. DEAWid 07.01.2017

    hard to say if works or not .. you must try it :) I really can't know all extensions .
    If that extension do nothing with standard opencart product prices - then must works together.

  88. DEAWid 07.01.2017

    OpenCartUY, I don't understand you question.. you can use this only for product prices.. try demo :)

  89. OpenCartUY 07.01.2017

    Hello, this module support OpenStock?

  90. michaelscott 07.01.2017

    Really nice module and very fast and good support! Thanks a lot!

  91. maria.amado 07.10.2016

    Nice module and good support but a bit lack of documentation

  92. bonny3 07.10.2016

    Thank you very much for the your fast support!!!
    Best Regards

  93. Olasmile 07.09.2016

    Hi, I like your extension. Can it be adjusted to give negative discounts? That is to increase the price for certain customer groups? Thanks

  94. edizcanyavuz 07.09.2016

    @DEAWid: I opened a ticket yesterday but still no answer. Can you please check it ?

  95. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @edizcanyavuz: Create ticket on

    Thanks !

  96. edizcanyavuz 07.09.2016

    I downloaded the extension and setup perfectly. However, discount for manufacturer and category does not apply. What is the reason ? You can answer me by my e-mail

  97. dkay 07.09.2016

    @DEAWid: Installed and working with, nice extension with fast support.

  98. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    Hi guys!
    Module is now compatible with latest OpenCart version

    Enjoy =)

  99. dkay 07.09.2016

    Do you plan to release for

  100. pohsim 07.09.2016

    Is it compatible with opencart

  101. bonny3 07.09.2016

    @DEAWid: Excellent extension works well!
    Thank you!

  102. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    Dear customer. Live price change isn't in opencart system default, so you are probably using some extension for that.
    So ask author of that extension ;)

  103. kinder3gg 07.09.2016

    Hello. We have options with different prices, and if we enable your module, the prices will not be live updated, but only updated in the cart. How do we live update the option price at the same time as the mass discount is set?
    The live update work without the discount, but not with the discount.
    (The module is disabled now)

  104. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @Leonhi: Create ticket on

    Thanks !

  105. Leonhi 07.09.2016

    Hello, The plugin doesn't take notice of extra options, if i select a extra option that cost 250,- euro the discount price don't got higher. It stays on 640 euro. Here the link, you can check it with the option: zitting With kind regards Leon

  106. bigo 07.09.2016

    Good suport. Great programmer. But He could work a bit on being more polite for the customer.

  107. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @komir: no. it's not possible with this extension.

  108. komir 07.09.2016

    Hi, is it possible to add discount related to specific category and Customer Group , like, group Gold have 30% discount on all products in category car and in category bicycle have 20%?

  109. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @giresunprensi: !

  110. giresunprensi 07.09.2016

    Can you correct the error in the basket page

  111. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @Alexx: Look to your email :)

  112. Alexx 07.09.2016

    Hi DEAWid. I have one question regarding your module? When I put items from one manufacturer on sale do I also keep SALE mark like in the link below? Does your module support this?

  113. pitrs001 07.09.2016

    Excellent extension, very easy to use and powerful.Amazing support.

  114. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @maria.amado: I reply to you few minutes ago

  115. maria.amado 07.09.2016

    I have installed this extension in my local machine.
    Not sure about installation, just copied all the modules and vqmod xml file, is just it?

    I am able to set up discounts but none of them are shown on my store. What am I missing?

    My version


  116. Olasmile 07.09.2016

    Okay thanks, I am looking for an extension that can do both so from a central console I can set prices for all customer groups and stores using percentages. Best wishes.

  117. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @Olasmile: Hi, sorry, but only discount, no increase price..

  118. zeytincim 07.09.2015

    Another great extension, great supoort. Thank you

  119. jusho7 07.09.2015


    Got this extension... just to check if this extension able to include TAX calculation?

  120. zeytincim 07.09.2015

    Excellent extension, very easy to use and powerful.
    Thank you

  121. DEAWid 07.09.2015

    @ntikosbil: it's calculeted online, nothing saved in database.

  122. ntikosbil 07.09.2015

    Hello DeaWid

    where are the special prices stored? I need to export my products with prices, and it seems that you don't store the values in product_special table.

  123. TITUS8 07.09.2015

    Nice module, Had a script collision, DeaWid solved it in 3 minutes. Love the group discount, simple effective. Thanks DeaWid

  124. koko1234 07.09.2015

    I bought this module just before, but when i click on "add to cart", the price for the added item is "0" !!
    Could you please tell me, what should i do to fix this problem?
    Is there any way, to see the original price in the cart too?

  125. SrCosmic 07.09.2015

    Great and fast support!

  126. RT_SLOVAKIA 07.09.2015

    GOOD module, fast support.

  127. koopa 07.09.2015

    Extension is really easy to use and offers quick and efficient support. 5*

  128. branchd77 07.09.2015

    I need some support. I am not able to use this extension with my custom theme. Everything works fine except the prices don't update on my product pages. It just shows a 0.

  129. servant38 07.09.2015

    Super module and great support. Recommended seller!

  130. Bill62 07.09.2015


    pls provide or send us admin login.

  131. kryllem 07.09.2015

    Good module helps a loot and makes everything easier.
    Amazing support, got solved problem at Saturday.
    Thanks DEAWid

  132. kinmos 07.09.2015

    @DEAWid: Awesome job man, thank you!

  133. bharanipurebasket 07.09.2015


    We have couple of issues with the extension:

    1. when we apply discount to the sub-categoty, its not showing in the front-end.

    2.when we use this extension, % discount badge in our website not working as expected.

    Please help

  134. wizofloz 07.09.2015

    I have installed this extension and I am able to go in and set up discounts but none of the discounts show up on my website. What am I missing?

  135. LourensN 07.09.2015

    This extension is brilliant. Easy to install. I had a problem and got support immediately. Thank you DEAWid and team for a brilliant extension and great back up support!

  136. findespen 07.09.2015

    In order for me to get this set to 20% discount, I must set the percentage to 16.665.
    Why does this happen? Please help!

  137. findespen 07.09.2015

    Quick question; I have added 20% discount to a manufacturer, and it looks to work fine.
    The big error is, I entered 20%, and it is giving 25%... How is this possible???

    Whats the fix??

    See here,

    Live product:
    Backend setting:

  138. javing81 07.09.2015


    acabo de comprar el módulo a través de Paypal pero no me deja descargarlo.
    Podéis ayudarme?

    Mi correo es


  139. kinmos 07.09.2015

    @DEAWid: I bought and installed the extension, but it doesn't show on my store , could you please help? i'm using opencart Version thank you!

  140. Designheroes 07.09.2015

    @Designheroes: Reply please!

  141. Designheroes 07.09.2015

    Hallo Support

    After installing the module is appearing in the back end but not giving any discount to categories

    Please advise what to do


  142. LourensN 07.09.2015

    I have just purchased and installed into my site running Opencart Website front end no longer comes up once installed. I have deleted VQMOD xml file and site is running again.
    Is there any possible other extensions this extension clashes with? What could be the reason for this. Admin side everything appears to be running smoothely :)
    Thank you

  143. skylark 07.09.2015

    it is 3 minutes configuration indeed. Modiule does what it says and author is really quick to reply. Really quick.

  144. DEAWid 07.09.2015

    no, sorry ..
    Only for manufacturer OR category OR customer_group etc..

  145. mohamedkamil 07.09.2015


    I like to buy this plugin. I have one question, can we apply discount for the subtotal of the cart page.?


  146. luizamorim 07.09.2014

    The support is excellent . the tool delivers what it promises. Thank you!

  147. mamadamia 07.09.2014

    Great support and this module also great

  148. agwa69 07.09.2014

    Very nice mod and good support getting it working properly when i had a little problem.

  149. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    @keshav0: Yes

  150. keshav0 07.09.2014


    Is this is VqMod based?


  151. marcelokina2 07.09.2014


    Installed it, everything seems OK, i can set the discounts, add it to customer groups. but it does not show discounts on the page?

    We are using Opencart

    Can you please contact me so i can fix this

  152. kturgut 07.09.2014

    the modul, I got the benefit of this module very much. we had a vqmod problem due to them. we demanded support. they tkook care of this problem at once. thanks for the application and the attention.

  153. damjanco 07.09.2014

    Great module, great support! It works perfetctlly with me theme!
    Thanks DEAWid

  154. paulewhite 07.09.2014

    Hi, interesting extensions, quite easy to manage.

    Regarding the Manufacturer discount however:

    A) the discount is applied to the base price, not to the option prices

    - when I choose an option with an additional price, the total original price is shown correctly but the discounted price does not include the option, e.g.:

    base price w/o discount = 100
    option price = 10
    discount = 20%

    total price to be discounted = 110
    discounted price shown = 80 instead of 90

    Can you fix the above? Thanks

  155. felipe3191 07.09.2014

    Wooooww!!! Very fast problem fixed on 3 minutes!!!! Grat extension and the best suppor that ever i see!!! Thanks so much!!! ;-)

  156. carlsbadmike 07.09.2014

    Great module. Really pleased with functionality and ease of install. Would recommend for anyone looking to give discounts for wholesalers.

  157. Supray 07.09.2014

    Hi Deawid, thank you for fixing the special price, now everything is work. I don't have to manually calculated the total orders from customers.

  158. philmarlow 07.09.2014

    Thank you Deawid for your excellent module and 100% support. Will recommend to others Opencart users.

  159. harpagid 07.09.2014

    I have to congratulate deawid for his support and for this module, it works flawless

  160. norvita 07.09.2014

    Hello, we just installed your script after testing it on the demosite.

    Installed it, everything seems OK, i can set the discounts, add it to customer groups etc. but it does not show discounts on the page?

    We are using Opencart 1.5.6 and Shoppica.

    Can you please contact me so i can fix this?=)

  161. JohnA 07.09.2014

    Purchased this module on 31/01/2014. Contacted developer DEAWid regarding an issue and received a reply almost instantly. After a short email communication he solved the issue within almost a few minutes.
    This is what I call support!!

    So, great after sales and technical knowledge. I can strongly recommend this developer. If you buy his modules you can be sure he will help you quick and professionaly. Fast replies and great service

  162. JohnA 07.09.2014

    Bought this module tonight and installed it, version
    After installing I can set de default module setting but when I click Customer Group Discount or any other, I'm logged off
    Session Token Not valid.

    Please Help

  163. omega7 07.09.2014

    module does not work with filter:!

    The filter module overwrites the price of MULT DISCOUNT PACK, putting the normal value of the price.

    Please help-me

  164. bestrade 07.09.2014

    Purchased this module. Great after sales support, we can strongly recommend this developer DEAWid. Fast replies and great service.

  165. susanelvis 07.09.2014

    MULTI Discount Pack.

    can the discount be applied for the sub total of order ?
    i`m interested in this module but i want to give a procentual discount from the value without VAT.

    can this module do that ?


  166. omega7 07.09.2014

    Great Support
    I recommend

  167. bigone 07.09.2014

    This is realy very nice extension with greate support. I recommend it to all of you.

  168. ndyw 07.09.2014

    nice extension and great support

  169. rovshik 07.09.2014

    Can you please let me know how i can install this script?

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