Excel Products Export

Snadná export produktů do excelu.

Můžete zakliknout vlastní data, která chcete exportovat.

Export podporuje také možnost výběru překladu pro název a popis produktu, včetně výběru měny.

Soubor s exportem se ukládá do "download/NAZEV.xls"

  • Snadná instalace - VQMod
  • Vlastní data pro export
  • Volba překladu a měny pro export


  1. Robert Flynn 12.02.2019

    Hi there, I have purchased the tool and have it installed. I am looking to add some additional field to the tool. Could you advise whether this is possible?

  2. techbuy 20.11.2018

    I opened a ticket and still have not got reply yet. Can you please look into it and replay asap
    ID 1947

    DEAWid 20.11.2018

    I reply to that ticket yesterday 7 minutes after you create that ticket. If this isn't asap, then I really don't know !

  3. mesahil 31.10.2018

    I opened a ticket and still have not got reply yet. Can you please look into it and replay asap
    ID 1947

    DEAWid 31.10.2018

    I reply to that ticket yesterday 7 minutes after you create that ticket. If this isn't asap, then I really don't know !

  4. Stepa 11.04.2018

    I need the URL item in the options for each product. Is it possible to upgrade the module? OC version

  5. Extremum 09.02.2018

    Vqmod in 2+? Why? :(

    DEAWid 09.02.2018

    Because vqmod is better to edit.

  6. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @clickbizz: Hi, please simply create ticket on http://www.deawid.com/support

  7. clickbizz 07.09.2016


    I have installed the extension and the menu item is not visible. When I go to index.php?route=tool/excel_export I can select options but after clicking at the submit the page is blank.

    Please send your e-mail address for admin and ftp.

    Thank you,


  8. pdmstudios 07.09.2016

    Dude is a genius. Great software. Great coding.

  9. stormbrain 07.09.2015

    This guy is amazing. He jumped on every single little problem I had (all my own, nothing wrong with his code), and helped me the entire way, until it was working juuuuuust right. Fantastic support. Highly recommend this plugin! Thanks again!

  10. stormbrain 07.09.2015

    I have the logged in user to Top Administrator... but I'm still getting the error "Permission Denied!" "You do not have permission to access this page, please refer to your system administrator." Help! Thanks. :)

  11. ruthf 07.09.2015

    Great fast support.
    Thank you
    5 stars.

  12. kaysweb 07.09.2015

    Fast support, as a newbee with little coding comfort DEAWid made this easy. Thanks!

  13. beadusainc 07.09.2015

    I forgot to give you my Email address,

  14. beadusainc 07.09.2015

    Hi, there,
    I just bought your product last week, after I installed to the OC and
    I try to save the export, it go to a blank page without any error message,
    I try to reduce the export data only "category", it still show a blank page only.
    can you help!

  15. DEAWid 07.09.2015

    Hi Yasniel.
    You must set user permission in admin - system - users - user groups


  16. yasniel 07.09.2015

    You do not have permission to access this page, please refer to your system administrator. I have this problems in opencast please help me

  17. mikegro13 07.09.2014

    Thanks for the fast and outstanding support for an issue I had.

  18. ritaylo3 07.09.2014

    5 Stars!! Great Mod and Great Support!! Thank you!!

  19. dj_hertz2000 07.09.2014


    There is a permission denied with your demo.

    Admin/System/Excel product export



  20. assurancemerchant 07.09.2014

    Bought this extension using 1.5.6, only issue i had was Excel "Save as" window wasn't popping out.. after opening a support ticket they fixed. Great extension 5 stars... Very useful!! Thanks DEAwid

  21. faridsilva 07.09.2014

    I wish to know if this extension will fit my needs and DEAWid reply installing the extension in my testing server to test and buy if I like.

    This extension works smoothly in the way he told me, so I wish to recommend him work, as a very well done work and remark his helping attitude.

    Thank you.

  22. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    aha .. ok .. use http://deawid.com/support .. thanks

  23. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    @csb89: copy english language to russian...

  24. csb89 07.09.2014

    The error above I have fixed by copying the excel_export.php file to the russian language folder in admin.

    However, there is a problem and I can not download. Would you be able to have a look at this?

  25. csb89 07.09.2014

    I have this error (exact web address removed for privacy)

    Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required '************/admin/language/russian/tool/excel_export.php' (include_path='.:') in ************/admin/model/tool/excel_export.php on line 266

    Please can you give me your support email?

  26. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    @csb89: Sorry, that's not possible right now. Thanks

  27. csb89 07.09.2014

    Is it possible to make this extension with an option to insert the image itself into the excel file as well as just the URL to the image?

  28. antmpro 07.09.2014

    @antmpro: everything are fine ... thanks :)

  29. nickman883 07.09.2014

    Fast response and Great Extension from DEAWid. He provided "FREE Installation for testing before purchase". He do some modification for extra option which fulfilled my requirement. Thanks for your works!


  30. nickman883 07.09.2014


    I very interested on your module. Before purchase, i need to verify few question.

    1) Does it will get memory limitation when export product? ( I have around 2000 products)
    2) For my necessary, i do need export "product link" as well into excel. Is it possible to make it?


  31. OHCreative 07.09.2014

    Awesome support - literally took 5 minutes to solve my issue above. For anyone else having the same problem it may be an issue with the htaccess file - you need to comment out a line as follows:

    RewriteRule ^download/(.*) /index.php?route=error/not_found [L]

    #RewriteRule ^download/(.*) /index.php?route=error/not_found [L]

    5 stars :)

  32. OHCreative 07.09.2014

    How was the above issue fixed? I was getting 403, now 404 errors when it attempts to open the exported XLS file. I tried CHModding the hell out of the Download folder but nothing worked...

  33. ondetto 07.09.2014

    Had a "page not found" error initially when trying to download a spreadsheet, but support by the developer quickly sorted out the issue (a small change to the htaccess file). Thanks!

  34. klfmedia 07.09.2014

    Also could I export tax and shipping prices too? Seem only product price and final price.


  35. klfmedia 07.09.2014

    I get the following error multiple times please help. Version is 1.5.4

    Notice: Undefined index: symbol_left in /var/www/html/store/admin/model/tool/excel_export_orders.php on line 82

    Notice: Undefined index: symbol_right in /var/www/html/store/admin/model/tool/excel_export_orders.php on line 87


  36. nhatdang_daisu 07.09.2014

    I love your products, you can add import same, now only export

  37. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    Hi, thanks for comment ... but there is "Image" checkbox for export. If you want add full link to that image, I can edit it for you. Just leave message.


  38. outdoort 07.09.2014

    Is there a way to add the image url?

  39. SalvaLopez 07.09.2014

    This guy is a ****ing boss. He solve my problem in minutes.

    500 Stars!!

    PD: a pity that have no more extensions, i may buy some more

  40. astutema 07.09.2014

    We were getting some errors at first but DEAWid has fixed them. Now it all works well. Thanks!

  41. brianmbi 07.09.2014

    Great Support!

    Had an issue with SEO friendly URLs. Quick support and easy fix.

  42. GabbyAbir 07.09.2013

    @DEAWid: This is export NOT import
    i ask if option to Import back the file i export before
    Thank you

  43. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    In admin>system>excel product export

  44. GabbyAbir 07.09.2013

    How to import the Excel File????

  45. djuanes 07.09.2013


    I recently purchased your extension and it's working fine but it would be extremely useful, at least for me, to include a "price including tax" field.
    Could it be possible or could you tell me how to do it by myself?

    thank you

  46. kolonist 07.09.2013

    Thanks DEAWid for you very quick help with the small problem with exporting Dutch product names!

  47. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    Hi, I must reinstall demo.
    try now admin/admin and system->excel product export ... (latest link)

    And I don't understand your previous comment. If you want import back from Excel to OC this module doesn't support back import. Only Export..

    Just try demo now and contact me to my mail: DEAWid@seznam.cz


  48. prbfun 07.09.2013

    I did not see any IMPORT XLS link on the demo website

  49. prbfun 07.09.2013

    I am doing a Bookstore using version, I checked out the sample XLS file and have a question.

    I want to add products data to an EXCEL file and import them as there are large number of books (products) i want to add to the website

    I am using a extension for showing extra attributes of the Book on the product page. for that I had to add a few new Attributes to the table oc_product like "Author", "Book Name" etc.

    I want to ask that will your extension also work for those additional attributes in the oc_product table?


  50. edolmen 07.09.2013

    Thank you DEAWid! It Works great!

  51. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    Hi, so I edit my module to your request ... token bux fixed, and I insert: EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN to export.
    Try yourself, and contact me if is all okey..


  52. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    Ok, I will fix it and add that MPN .. ok
    I will contact you

  53. edolmen 07.09.2013

    another issue: when I go to mywebsite.com/admin I get this error:
    Notice: Undefined index: token in ....com/httpdocs/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-admin_controller_common_header.php on line 9
    and the row 9 is:
    $this->data['excel_export'] = $this->url->link('tool/excel_export', 'token=' . $this->session->data['token'], 'SSL');

    Once I log in the message disappears.. It is probably due to the session which isnt already created?

  54. edolmen 07.09.2013


    no, not the manufacturer ID, but the MPN code (Manufacturer Part Number). You can find it in the Data tab of the product. It is stored in product table, field name: mpn

  55. DEAWid 07.09.2013


    Hello.. you mean manufacturer ID ?

  56. edolmen 07.09.2013

    Hello, I noticed that in the excel export is not possible to export the MPN (Manufacturer Part Number)... why is this field missing? Do you think is possible to add it?

  57. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    Admin/System/Excel product export

  58. Draco 07.09.2013


    How do i import the Excel File????

  59. brunobld 07.09.2013

    This extensions is really good. For a first time I got an error but the developer help until the error fixed. Awesome.

  60. kramerdesign 07.09.2013

    The extension works great!

    I have OpenStock extension installed which allows me to track quantity by combinations of options (for example, size). When I export the store data though, the "Quantity" for each option does not export. Is there a modification that can be made to accommodate this other extension?

  61. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    @colinw: Hello colinw ... I publish this module for 1.5.4 right now ...

  62. colinw 07.09.2013

    is this v1.5.4 compatible?

  63. choco 07.09.2013

    @choco: Thanks for your help to sort out the installation, now works great.

  64. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    Published for version 1.5.6. Enjoy

  65. choco 07.09.2013

    I have and put the suppplied vqmod into the public html file on the server and set required permissions.
    The extension is not showing in the system drop down within admin.
    Suggestions please.

  66. Gemcart 07.09.2013

    This looks like the extension I have been searching for.
    I have all the data in xls/xlsx format. I have manually added a few products to the opencart. Now the price has to be changed in all the products and I have to add new products from the xls sheets.
    Can your module add new products to existing categories/manufacturers. All the data is present in the xls sheets.

  67. DEAWid 07.09.2013


    Hello, thanks for buy my module..
    The easiest way for product link is this:

    And the PRODUCT_ID you have in XML..

    but if you need add product link, contact me, and I edit that on your shop.


  68. evgen.koshevoy 07.09.2013

    Good day. have the opportunity to do that would be exported an external link to the product?

  69. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    Hi, you must set permission

    System -> Users -> User group

  70. tafeltennisnu 07.09.2013

    Hi there,

    When i go to export i get the message No Access....... Can you help me please?

  71. ecalm 07.09.2013

    Sorry, OC v1.5.5.1.

  72. ecalm 07.09.2013

    Hi DEAWid,

    Just installed on OC Getting the following error after clicking 'Download Excel' button...

    Warning: stream_wrapper_unregister(): Unable to unregister protocol zip:// in /home/coffcra2/public_html/system/phpexcel/Classes/PHPExcel/Shared/ZipStreamWrapper.php on line 69Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/coffcra2/public_html/admin/index.php:83) in /home/coffcra2/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 28Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/coffcra2/public_html/admin/index.php:83) in /home/coffcra2/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 29

    Any idea on how to fix this?


  73. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    Hello, try my demo now, I edit export values from integer to string .. so if you have model like "00005" now export "00005" ..


  74. edolmen 07.09.2013

    Hello, is it possible to set a field to be formatted as text and not number before the export?
    I have an issue with product model: I use numeric values like 01010061, but when I open the excel export, it automatically truncates the leading zero, and it changes the product model to 1010061

  75. DEAWid 07.09.2013

    DEMO: http://deawid.com/opencart/profi-excel-export/admin
    Login to admin: admin/admin

  76. DEAWid 07.09.2012

    @isvaradas: Resolved with reupload :) works great

  77. isvaradas 07.09.2012

    Hello, I installed the module on my Opencart version I am getting this error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting ')' in /home/content/04/9612604/html/system/phpexcel/Classes/PHPExcel/Calculation.php on line 2652

    Is there a fix for this, thanks. My email address is "isvara99@gmail.com"

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