Excel Orders Export

Díky tomuto modulu můžete snadno exportovat všechny objednávky do excelu!

Můžete si sami zvolit, jaká data chcete exportovat a to včetně překladu pro název sloupce.

Exportovaný soubor je ukládán do "/download/NAME-AND-DATE-OF-EXCEL.xls"

Instalace je velmi jednoduchá, stačí zkopírovat soubory ze složky "UPLOAD" do rootu Vašeho eshopu..

  • Vlastní výběr položek exportu
  • Export podle data
  • Přeloženy názvy sloupců
  • Snadná instalace


  1. james1111 04.05.2020

    I really like your plugin
    Can there be a tax column ?
    Will Chinese appear garbled ?

    DEAWid 04.05.2020

    No, because tax isn't saved as percentage value in database !
    And should works with chinese

  2. VeganTown 29.02.2020

    Extension broke with a server update but the dev kindly fixed it several years after I purchased it. Thanks!

  3. larry@inetdesign.biz 11.06.2019

    Great support. I had a problem and DEAWid helped me figure it out right away. The module itself works very well and is easy to use. I would definitely purchase other modules from DEAWid.

  4. mantis 29.05.2019

    Hi, I recently upgraded my store to OC3, in this version you are unable to download the product SKU, I really need this. Please can you tell me how I can enable this.

    mantis 29.05.2019

    Also no P+P cost?

  5. sammygr 14.04.2019

    Order status filter is necessary. Can you add this function?

    DEAWid 14.04.2019

    Yes. After purchase create ticket on https://www.deawid.com/support
    And I do it on your site.

  6. I Wayan Arthana 03.03.2019

    Hi DEAWid, I tried DEMO for 3.x and when I click the order date icon, that date doesn't appear and I have to type it manually. Does this module work if I use theme of Journal 2?, I am very interested to buy this module. thanks

    DEAWid 03.03.2019

    This is admin export, so must works with all frontend themes.

  7. filipvdh 02.03.2019

    Hi, export "custom field" is possible?

    DEAWid 02.03.2019

    No, sorry.

  8. hrunje3 21.02.2019

    Can I store common options? Frequently used export options.

    DEAWid 21.02.2019

    Yes - you can define what items you want export - you can edit this in tpl file.

  9. terence81 28.01.2019

    Hi DEAWid
    Thanks for your great support and very quickly!
    Will surely buy other extensions from you

  10. dracoteam 22.01.2019


    I would like to include ean product code to the excel, is that possible?
    By other hand, I see in your excel, when an order has more than one product, only the first row (product) has order id, the rest are empty, I need order id showed in every product. Is that possible?

    DEAWid 22.01.2019

    I already reply you on forum.

  11. setsan 04.01.2019

    superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr support thank you

  12. Guybonin 28.10.2018

    hi, looked at the demo and notice there is no SKU offered is it in the purchased version

    DEAWid 28.10.2018

    Yes, there is SKU in purchased version.

  13. somesh 03.09.2018

    Hello Author,
    Thanks for great Plugin, I need shipping cost column also in excel sheet. Please help..

    DEAWid 03.09.2018

    If you need some special what isn't in module, then I can't help you in free support.
    If you want payed support, then create ticket on https://www.opencart-support.com


  14. Strelitz 25.04.2018

    I had a compatibility problem with my website and the extension. The developer was very helpful and solved it quickly and efficiently. Thank you. I have also found the extension to be very useful and easy to use.

  15. aptassoni 06.04.2018

    I'm working with opencart 2..0X
    With the option Each product to separate row selected does not throw me the data of
    -Product ID
    -Product name
    -Product price

    DEAWid 06.04.2018

    Hi, if you have problems, please use my free support on https://www.deawid.com/support


  16. imran-ul-haque 27.03.2018

    Hello there,
    I ordered a plugin for the open cart to download excel order sheet, however, it is not working, I have left an email as well but no reply, need help

    DEAWid 27.03.2018

    Did you create ticket on https://www.deawid.com/support .............?

  17. boredmind 05.03.2018


    is it ocmod or vqmod? OC ver

    is it possible to export to xml?

    is it possible to set in the cron job url from which order id and after I want to export?

    DEAWid 05.03.2018 = vqmod
    Cron filters:
    'filter' => array(
    'order_store' => '-', //store_id .. for all leave "-"
    'order_status' => '-', //order_status_id .. for all leave "-"
    'order_date_start' => date("Y-m-d"), //date from - YYYY-mm-dd like "2017-12-24" .. for actual day leave date("Y-m-d")
    'order_date_stop' => date("Y-m-d"), //date to - YYYY-mm-dd like "2017-12-26" .. for actual day leave date("Y-m-d")
    'separated_products' => true, //each product to new line .. true/false
    'price_code' => true //currency code .. true/false

  18. warmantus 22.02.2018

    Hi, I am on OpenCart version and I just purchased and installed version 2.x. I see the Excel Orders Export tab in the admin, but when I try to go there I am receiving a Permission Denied error.

    I also saw this on the on the vqmods/logs folder, incase it helps solve the issue:
    modFile : /home/awinc/public_html/vqmod/xml/vqmod_excel_export_orders.xml
    id : Profi Excel Export [ORDERS]
    version : 1.5.x
    vqmver : 2.x
    author : DEAWid [www.deawid.com]
    VQModObject::parseMods - Could not resolve path for [admin/controller/common/menu.php] (SKIPPED)
    VQModObject::parseMods - Could not resolve path for [admin/view/template/common/menu.tpl] (SKIPPED)

    Thank you in advance for your help

    DEAWid 22.02.2018

    Hi, please if you have any problems, use support, not comment.
    Support is here: https://www.deawid.com/support


  19. warmantus 24.01.2018

    Hi, I am on OpenCart version and I just purchased and installed version 2.x. I see the Excel Orders Export tab in the admin, but when I try to go there I am receiving a Permission Denied error.

    I also saw this on the on the vqmods/logs folder, incase it helps solve the issue:
    modFile : /home/awinc/public_html/vqmod/xml/vqmod_excel_export_orders.xml
    id : Profi Excel Export [ORDERS]
    version : 1.5.x
    vqmver : 2.x
    author : DEAWid [www.deawid.com]
    VQModObject::parseMods - Could not resolve path for [admin/controller/common/menu.php] (SKIPPED)
    VQModObject::parseMods - Could not resolve path for [admin/view/template/common/menu.tpl] (SKIPPED)

    Thank you in advance for your help

    DEAWid 24.01.2018

    Hi, please if you have any problems, use support, not comment.
    Support is here: https://www.deawid.com/support


  20. Marksmith 24.08.2017

    Excellent product and excellent support. Recommended.

  21. DEAWid 07.08.2017

    Published version for OpenCart

  22. Asanda330 07.08.2017

    Excellent supporting. Extension is now working in Opencart Thank you.

  23. SeventhS7n 07.07.2017

    Excellent Module and Excellent Support.
    Thanks Deawid.

  24. SeventhS7n 07.07.2017

    Copied all files over to the correct FTP locations. Can not seem to see anything else. No readme file included either.

    Please advise

    DEAWid 07.07.2017

    If you have any problems, please use my free support https://www.deawid.com/support

    Thanks !

  25. vingofofo 07.07.2017

    Warning: require(/data/home/bxu2341410126/htdocs/admin/language//tool/excel_export_orders.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /data/home/bxu2341410126/htdocs/admin/model/tool/excel_export_orders.php on line 105

    there is an error.

    DEAWid 07.07.2017
  26. simsdm 07.07.2017

    Will this work OK with Opencart and PHP 7 ?

    DEAWid 07.07.2017

    Yes :) All my extensions are compatible with opencart version fro 1.5.0 > latest

  27. simplecms 07.05.2017

    I cannot export. After a long period I'm redirected to a page on the front end that says "Page Not Found."

    DEAWid 07.05.2017

    Please if you have any problems, do not write it into comments, but create ticket on http://www.deawid.com/support


  28. chris222 07.05.2017

    Previous comments don't lie - support was lightning fast. I ran into a couple issues while installing, but these were immediately dealt with by support and now the extension is running great. Just what I needed!

  29. MaryTRB 07.05.2017

    Where is the documentation? How to install this module on vers.

    DEAWid 07.05.2017

    Hi, sorry for late.
    Simply copy all to correct folders on ftp .. admin to admin, vqmod to vqmod..
    You must have installed vqmod system too..

    That's all.

  30. darren@nhb.org 07.02.2017

    I had an issue after moving to a new server. DEAWid helped me promptly and got me back to exporting orders. Excellent service from a great developer. Thanks.

  31. ab3Fr0man 07.01.2017

    Do you support exporting any plugin / add on data for the orders?

    Do you offer any customization of the plugin? - Thanks

    DEAWid 07.01.2017

    Hi ab3Fr0man,
    what you mean exporting any plugin?
    Customizations are possible, but not in free support.


  32. mpwiersinnga 07.01.2017

    Excellent support thank you so much DEAWID!

  33. DEAWid 07.12.2016

    Hi JonWin, if you already purchase my module, simply login on opencart.com and download latest version of my module.

  34. JonWin 07.12.2016

    Hi! i purchase the extension in april 2015. It works perfect, but i cant get any information in customer group. Is this a known problem? How do i get the last update of the extension, do i have to buy it again?

  35. VeganTown 20.10.2016

    Hi, could you add an export order weight in KG option please? Of course willing to pay extra for this modification. I've tried contacting you via your website but no reply.

  36. DEAWid 07.10.2016

    @maiz: you can edit position. change code in vqmod xml file.

  37. maiz 07.10.2016

    Manage to install this. Easy!

    But can I change the location in side menu?

    Right now is Extensions > Excel order export

    I wan it to be at Sales > Excel order export

    Reason because I want to hide all extension from user group..

  38. maiz 07.10.2016

    How to install this module? I am noob..

  39. DEAWid 07.10.2016

    @Alteide.com: Hi, please create ticket on http://www.deawid.com/support and I help you.

  40. DavideTNF 07.10.2016

    hi, I installed your extension and it doesn't appear in the admin-end.I checked the user permits.
    I have the version.

  41. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    Hi guys ... Finally updated to latest opencart version
    Enjoy! =)

  42. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @outstrap: Hi, I reply to your e-mail.

  43. outstrap 07.09.2016

    hello pro i need support i have module powertrack this for praint shipping number
    i want add this shipping number to Exil sheet can u help me

  44. Keymaker 07.09.2016

    @hudaha: find in .htaccess file this:

    RewriteRule ^system/download/(.*) index.php?route=error/not_found [L]

    replace with this:

    #RewriteRule ^system/download/(.*) index.php?route=error/not_found [L]

  45. hudaha 07.09.2016

    Hi there,

    When I click on download excel it redirect me to download/XLS-BACKUP-ORDERS-07-06-2016_16-13.xls
    how can I fix this issue??

  46. Slagmoose 07.09.2016

    Hi, could you add an export order weight in KG option please? Of course willing to pay extra for this modification. I've tried contacting you via your website but no reply.

  47. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @sirena: Look to your email.

  48. sirena 07.09.2016

    i have a problem with the module, when i press the button to export the table, the module redirect me to page /download/XLS-BACKUP-ORDERS-16-05-2016_11-39.xls

    Have a nice day and thank you for the module and the help.

  49. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    @jferezy: in model file you must define that twice .. in get_data and add value to that array :)

  50. jferezy 07.09.2016

    Hi there - I am trying to add in the the column "company_id" to the excel file. I am able to get it into all main visual but it is not adding the data to the column in excel. Any idea what I am missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated...


  51. kutlay81 07.09.2016

    Extension so good for making picking list and with other features, in additon that if you add one more column 'Product Location' to excel, extension can be used also selling goods for inventory management.

  52. DEAWid 07.09.2016

    you need enable access to download folder in .htaccess file :)

  53. fadyfikry 07.09.2016

    Thanks so much for this Bust after Installation I can not dwonload the file, I have to download it from FTP only so please help me ASAP this my link you when press dwonloade : http://okaziony.com/system/download/XLS-BACKUP-ORDERS.xls

    Thanks in advance

  54. giproc 07.09.2016

    5 star review granted. Excellent product for anybody who needs to export orders to xls. Simple to use and prompt, knowledgeable service.

  55. JeremyColvin 07.09.2016

    @JeremyColvin: WOW! The comments were right about this guy... TOP NOTCH support, almost immediate response. I'm VERY impressed and will now look for other extensions of his that might benefit me because of it!

    For those that run into this problem, the solution was simple, it was an error on my part, I forgot to go to "user group" permissions under settings and to set all the permissions for the administrator group (select all). Set the permissions correctly, and of course it worked.

    As far as customer service though? This guy is amazing. LIGHTNING FAST responses. VERY impressed! BUY with confidence!

  56. JeremyColvin 07.09.2016

    I am really excited to use this module because of the incredible comments in the feedback here..

    Unfortunately, I too am getting a "You do not have permission to access this page, please refer to your system administrator." message when I try to access it.

    I of course am the top administrator, and have never run into this before when installing/using modules.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  57. macron-nl 07.09.2016

    I asked for support for my dutch language. I got great help within a few hours.
    I can recommand this tool. works perfect!!

  58. milosholovsky 07.09.2016

    Thanks Deawid. Great support and great extension. 5 stars. Looking forward to buying your other extensions.

  59. YAVermillion 07.09.2015

    This easy to use module does exactly what we wanted. Support was really quick and took care of everything, even a modification to exclude missing orders. We're all set now, thanks to the export to excel module. And thanks for the super support!

  60. abiani 07.09.2015

    Very helpful, good module. but has not filter order status and store filter. If you can add will be perfect.
    I am willing to pay extra for the filter. Please quick reply...

  61. YAVermillion 07.09.2015

    The Export to Excel extension was just what we needed to export our orders into a spreadsheet for our fulfillment department. Support for a minor item was handled quickly and efficiently. Thanks for a really nice extension and your wonderful support.

  62. StreetGraphex 07.09.2015

    Absolutely LOVE this! Exactly what I need to pull order for getting ready to print in pre-order environment! YAY! I have one question tho - would it be possible for a modification that puts each product option in its own column on the spreadsheet. So - option color in a column, option size in a column? email me at Beth@streetgraphex.com if needed.
    THANK YOU!!!!

  63. izidigital 07.09.2015

    Does it support OC 2.x custom_fields?

  64. TJCPW 07.09.2015

    Very useful export tool. I am using it for bulk shipping details for fedex, ems, local post etc

    I wanted to customise it myself & DEAWid was willing to point me in the right direction so I could dive into the php myself. Thanks!

  65. DEAWid 07.09.2015

    @PaulR: Thanks, Fixed :)

  66. TJCPW 07.09.2015

    "Address" is mis-spelled in the XLS file & on the Admin export page.
    eg: Shipping adress 1, IP adress, etc

  67. nombo 07.09.2015

    Can export to download/ directory be set as cron job?

  68. jewels4 07.09.2015

    I have support and a fix within 5 mins of downloading and asking a question - that is superb customer service, I have never had a faster response of no one, you really are a credit to opencart and the developer team. Well done , I will be back for more of modules as this service is unbeatable.
    PS - what a great module, I have been looking for over a year for this, and here it is and then backed up with service like you have offered is world class.
    Thank you Alexis x

  69. jewels4 07.09.2015

    Downloaded the module all ok, however it is saying I do not have permission to open the file, I am the site owner and set at top administrator , can you please email me and I can pass you my log in to take a look for me is that possible please ?
    Thank you

  70. matthew123 07.09.2015

    Excellent module! Downloaded it a few months ago and everything has been working as described.

  71. tirakarn 07.09.2015

    Extension is great!
    Support is great !

  72. jamerson_delfino 07.09.2015

    Very fast support from DEAWid. Thank you.

    Congratulations !!!


  73. jamerson_delfino 07.09.2015

    Hi, I bought this module, the module is installed, when we send to export, the file was created in the directory "download" but it isn't downloaded to computer.

    Can you help me ?


  74. marek.detko 07.09.2015

    Hi :) Export Orders (testing OC 1.5.6) module is working fast as the same fast is super support. Thank you. Really! If you want to go seriously with your system then you will buy this module.

  75. xpror1 07.09.2015

    Great module! Exactly what I needed. Very fast support from DEAWid. Thank you

  76. positivedesigns 07.09.2015

    Nice extension. I needed support and they helped immediately. WORKS PERFECTLY!!!

  77. yamaja 07.09.2015

    Thanks Deawid for this Nice module. this is what we are looking for.
    and also a great appreciation because have do some customization for us.
    in a reasonable prices and very quick response.
    5 Stars for you :)
    looking forward to buy your others extension.

  78. digitalmarketingdina 07.09.2015

    Excellent Module.Excellent Support.Highly recommend for all shopping cart.

    CHEERS ! ! ! ! !

  79. justinramu 07.09.2015

    Hi Deawid,

    It was nice mod, can you add more one field for delivery date & time for me? please advise.


  80. justint24 07.09.2015

    Great module and even better support, this module works perfect, i had no issues at all.


  81. BobbyW 07.09.2015

    Great extension to export all your order information to Excel for custom order forms. This, along with the Orders to XML extension will be able to help you tackle any custom workflows.

    Support is also quick and excellent.

  82. KingNombo 28.06.2015

    Can export to download/ directory be set as cron job?

  83. dancinpony 07.09.2014

    i needed my exported excel columns sorted differently. I contacted DEAWid and got an immediate response. now my client has the report the way they want it..
    thanks . . great extension. . .

  84. mantis 07.09.2014

    @DEAWid: Thank you for your help and support. This module now working perfectly. Really is a great module and 5* after sales and customer support. Highly recommended.

  85. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    @bixamedia: Please use http://deawid.com/support
    Thanks !

  86. bixamedia 07.09.2014

    Hi DEAWid,

    It's not clear to me where the directions for installation are located. Can you assist?


  87. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    @mantis: Please use http://deawid.com/support
    Thanks !

  88. mantis 07.09.2014


    I downloaded your plugin, however when I go to download orders it just hangs for a long time and then goes to a blank page?

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Please help

  89. tinklaz 07.09.2014

    Great support! Recommend!

  90. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    @lydia: Works great for me .. what exactly doesn't works please?
    Thanks !

  91. lydia 07.09.2014

    Hi this site:http://deawid.com/opencart/profi-excel-export-orders/admin is not work , I want to see the admin. Can you fix it up?

  92. dracoteam 07.09.2014

    Great extension and great support!!! I gave you 5 stars. Regards

  93. silentmedia 07.09.2014

    Excellent Extension. Worked straight out of the box and has saved me a lot of time doing sales reports manually. Thanks!

  94. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    You must everytime check that .. you have there some "templates" so you can check for example to "Main data" and all main data checkboxes will be checked ..
    But you can do a small change in tpl and you can have checked your own items onload..
    So if you set for example "order_id" and "name" and you open export page, it will be automatically checked..

    Anyway, I can help you do this changes, no problem... But please use (to next communication):

    Thank You !

  95. epicsurfracks 07.09.2014

    DEAWid I really like your module!

    However, before purchasing we would like to know if the 'check boxes' under the area 'Export' get saved, or are cached after downloading? i.e. Every time we come back to the page to export data do we have to 're-check' each box we want or will it automatically re-populate?


  96. ml@luckandluck.co.uk 07.09.2014

    Great export, combined the info from this to manage all my ebay, amazon and opencart orders (in a separate db). Saved me a heap of time.Very quick support as well when had an issue.

  97. DEAWid 07.09.2014


    lines: 299-513

    You will understand it ;)


  98. dracoteam 07.09.2014

    Sorry, can you tell me where can I find the file I must change? Regards

  99. dracoteam 07.09.2014

    Thanks for your quick answer, we really appreciate this kind of support. Extension already buyed!!!


  100. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    Hello, thanks for Your interest.
    Sure you can set own selection.. It's in javascript for example:

    customer_group = true;
    order_id = false;

    etc... :) I't easy.

    Thank you

  101. dracoteam 07.09.2014


    I see in the demo I can export only "All important data" my question is: may I modify that important data? I mean, I need to choose once the data I want to export, then I will be able to export every time just what I need choosing only "All important data".


  102. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    @sjrh43: Please use http://deawid.com/support . Thanks

  103. sjrh43 07.09.2014

    Hi I have a similar problem as someone previously, I have added all the files and the tool appears in the permissions section but not under system.

    Can you please help.

  104. Mapan 07.09.2014

    Very good seller helped me instantly with installing this wonderfull excel import extention!

  105. ENDTIME 07.09.2014

    Five stars! DEAWid really knows his stuff and is super kind with support. Highly recommend this plugin and the developer!

  106. meswan 07.09.2014

    Thank you for a great extension. Just what I needed to create a file format workable for our despatch/ fulfilment. Really excellent responsive support when asked for, many thanks.

  107. another13 07.09.2014

    Works great. :D
    Can you add a field with the cupom?


  108. pinkweb 07.09.2014

    Thank you for a very useful module that was a must to me to get my accountant happy. Fast support to solve problems as well.

  109. avisivan 07.09.2014

    Awesome software. Exactly what we needed for a long time. Easy to understand and easy to use. And it's very flexible too! DEAWid is behind his product 100%! When we had an issue, he went ahead and fix it promptly! I couldn't be happier! Would recommend it to anyone. Thanks a lot!

  110. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    Hi, you must set user permissions for your user group .. In Admin->System->Users->User Groups and there you must check " tool/excel_export_orders"


  111. minhit 07.09.2014


    I already purchase this extension but when i access to system/export, it show the permission error, could you please help me to fix that ?


  112. Nazar48 07.09.2014

    Awesome module.Good support,5 min and module on my website.

  113. Michal Halounek 07.09.2014

    Ahoj, pěkný modul, ale chybí mi možnost výběru exportu přímo do csv a je škoda, že se nedají vybírat konkrétní objednávky např. v přehledu objednávek a tlačítkem vyexportovat.

  114. ashokbey 07.09.2014


    Its a nice module and working smoothly now.


  115. ml@luckandluck.co.uk 07.09.2014

    Hi, The SKU field is not populating for ebay and Amazon orders from the recent addition to Opencart of OpenBay. Is this something you can add?



  116. another13 07.09.2014

    Nice module.
    But I can't see the Export date field.
    Can you help?


  117. bluewall 07.09.2014

    This module solves export in the most elegant way possible. Having just purchased it and used it I can attest that it works quite well and for the money, its a generous deal. Thanks @DEAWid This is exactly what we were looking for.



  118. nodymedia 07.09.2014

    The extension is exactly what I needed, DEAWid is very reagent !
    Very happy to find this page :D

  119. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    Hello, thanks for buy, please, contact me on skype: deawid000, I will help you ASAP.

  120. nodymedia 07.09.2014

    Hello DEAWid, I've got a problem with your extension, the “Excel order export” doesn't appear on the backoffice (menu › system)...
    Could you help me ?
    Is there a language problem ?
    I duplicate the english folder and rename it to french but it's doesn't work...
    Thank you per advance !
    Best regards.

  121. Counting Pounds 07.09.2014

    Is it possible to save a profile and then add that as a button to the orders list ?
    is it possible to define what order the columns are in ?

    I want to export order details one by one as I pack orders and send the CSV file to my carrier.
    If yo added such a button, could you make it FTP the file to my carrier's FTP site when I press the order screen button ?

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