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S tímto modulem můžete snadno zobrazit a filtrovat produkty z vybrané kategorie přímo z výpisu přoduktů.
Můžete také vybrat produkty a hned je přesunout do Vámi vybrané kategorie (včetně/nebo bez subkategorie).
Ve výpisu produktů dále najdete i možnost smazat produkt z kategorie - tato akce je bez redirectu/přesměrování, takže můžete snadno spravovat kategorie přímo z výpisu.


  1. webvoyage 12.05.2020

    You can't ask for better support!

    The extension is perfect and also a great help to mass move products to different categories/subcategories. Tottally recommended extension and money well spend

  2. Vojtech 16.03.2020

    Dobry den, jak se da tento modul nainstalovat? Pres instalaci rozsireni to bohuzel nejde. Diky moc

  3. carzan 04.04.2018

    This extension is perfect. And makes it much easier. Thank you...

  4. TaraSK 20.02.2018

    Vyzerá to dobre, toto by sa nám mohlo zísť. Testovali ste kompatibilitu s modulmi Quick (Ajax) edit, ktoré umožňujú upravovať názvy alebo ceny produktov priamo v zozname produktov?

    DEAWid 20.02.2018

    Netestovali. Nezlobte se, ale není v našich silách zkoušet kompatibilitu modulu oproti všem modulům na opencartu.

  5. e-trend 28.10.2017

    Hi, After the installation of your extention, nothing will appear in admin also after refreshing of modification, please your support Regards

    DEAWid 28.10.2017

    If you have some problems with my extension, please create ticket on

    I help you there.

  6. DampfBox24 13.10.2017

    Thanks for your help and nice support!
    The Extansion works very fine is so helpful, smart and fast changings! GREAT!

  7. DampfBox24 13.10.2017

    In your Description you dont tell any word about VQMOD....

    DEAWid 13.10.2017

    And in extension first image is what ?

  8. AddyPolani 07.08.2017

    offer installation service?

    DEAWid 07.08.2017

    Yes, create ticket here:

  9. DEAWid 07.08.2017

    Updated for OpenCart v3.x
    Enjoy !

  10. dodoni 07.02.2017

    Very helpfull plugin, worked fine at once.

  11. AddyPolani 07.02.2017

    i would like to know
    after installing we have to add products to category or it will deduct all products category auto
    actually i am looking for a module like
    if i wants to edit samsung category products when i choose samsung category it display all products so i can choose a product from it to modify

    DEAWid 07.02.2017

    You can do this with my module.
    Look to demo - go to admin category list and there you have extra button show products from that category.


  12. Vitalyk 07.12.2016

    Wow that was great support!!!

  13. DEAWid 07.09.2015

    Hello, what exactly doesn't works ?

  14. spotpublicidade 07.09.2015

    Hello, I´m thinking about to buy this module, but the demo isn´t working, could you guys have a look?

  15. BillyBoyle 07.09.2015

    Now waiting on an update to OC v2.0.3.0? please it does not work any more. :-(

  16. pperera 07.09.2015


    Also waiting,

    thanks in advance

  17. BillyBoyle 07.09.2015

    is there an update to OC v2.0.2.0? please

  18. rui cabral 07.09.2015

    Very good support! And, of course nice extension, simple to use and very useful, just the way I like it.

    Thanks a lot!

  19. 3fo 07.09.2015

    Great extension. Great support.

  20. DEAWid 07.09.2014

    @sfdesignbank: Please use

    Thanks !

  21. catalk 07.09.2014

    Hi, I just download your extension. It's not show on the admin products page. How can I activate this extension? Thanks.

  22. pperera 07.09.2014

    I had a problem with the extention and it was quiqly solved at

    I recommend this plugin, very good service, thank

    Pablo P.

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