OpenCart ListNews

You need to inform customers about news or updates on your shop? Then this is for you. It makes it possible to place a block to your shop with the latest news.

OpenCart Manufacturer Discount

With this module you can adjust the discount or price increase for individual producers. You can also set whether you want to give a discount already slevněným products and their \\

OpenCart Export - Orders To Excel

With this module you can easily export all orders to Excel! You can choose what data you want to export, including translation for the name of the column. The exported file is in \\

OpenCart Search Whisperer

Improve your search to your e-shop. Thanks to the whispers customer immediately see the results for the selected search phrase. The module can be reset at will (image size, number of results, css) You can choose how many search results will be displayed, the length of the title and description of the product size image

OpenCart Multi Discount Pack

With this extension you can set discount for: manufacturer, category, customer group or all products.

OpenCart Faster Loading

If your shop loads too long, it is by retrieving and unnecessary data from the database.. This module adjusts retrieving data from a database optimized as quickly as possible. To do it faster to load up shop about 50-80%.


Zajímá vás, co vaši klienti chtějí a hledají? Tento modul zaznamenává vyhledávané výrazy a jejich výsledky.

OpenCart XML Export

With this module you can export all the products and their attributes in a structured XML format You can choose what data you want to export

OpenCart SEO CHECK-er

SEO CHECK-er je nástroj pro automatické vyplnění nebo opravení pole

Product Option Images

With this extension you can easily add own image to each options of a product

OpenCart MULTI Referral Module

To increase sales and gain satisfied customers? With this module you can from your shop to create a reference grid, through which you can improve your profits and your customers will be satisfied. It is that simple. When registering, customers enter the reference ID link to another customer, who recommended to your shop. Once the customer creates order, the user who recommended him gain profit. Reference works referencing 1 to 10 levels. The module is simple and clear installation and setup will take up to 3 minutes..

OpenCart XML Import Pro

XML Import Pro is a professional module for importing products from arbitrarily structured XML files.